Areas snubbed by the Municipality: “Here 120 requests ignored”

Areas snubbed by the Municipality: “Here 120 requests ignored”
Areas snubbed by the Municipality: “Here 120 requests ignored”

Over 110 requests remained unanswered. Not only not fulfilled, but totally ignored by the Municipality. This figure would be enough to give the sense of a failure: the idea of ​​decentralization – which the left had heralded in the electoral campaign 5 years ago – was literally betrayed in the next 5 years, those just passed, when in the Municipality – after the vote – they ascertained that five of the 9 Milan Zones had a different political color.

But if the center left willingly accepted this “bad habit”, presidents and municipal councilors have continued to claim their role. And this is how resolution 91 adopted a few days ago by the Municipality 9 was born. The Zone led by Giuseppe Lardieri has collected all the documents, all the resolutions, which have not been confirmed by Palazzo Marino. «It is legitimate to ask, to answer courtesy – explains the commissioner Raffaele Todaro – This is what one would expect in a civil and cordial relationship between educated people or between institutions and citizens. This is what did not happen between Town Hall 9 and the Municipality. In fact, in the face of more than one hundred resolutions of the municipal council in about three and a half years, the respective central sector of the municipality and in particular the Department of mobility and traffic has not found any of these public acts ». “Let’s talk about concrete things – explains the commissioner – pedestrian crossings in very busy streets with fast flow, such as via Comasina at the intersection with via Teano and at the bus stop or where there is an unsustainable incidence of traffic” . «In truth – he specifies – after the spasmodic and continuous insistence of the 9th Municipality, he made eight of the approximately 120 resolutions sent, but he never communicated that he intended to fulfill those requests. Much less, to those which he has not fulfilled ».

“This behavior – adds Todaro – although not contra legem is an institutionally incorrect behavior that defeats the purpose and function of what is the first bulwark, the institution closest to the citizens, the Town Hall”. «Administrative decentralization could be an essential tool. Instead we hear a profound silence from the Municipality and this snubbing the institution closest to the citizens does not do justice to their many requests. And so, parking deterrents, speed deterrents, pedestrian crossings, torn up signs and the like have no match. So we see no bike sharing in areas where there are functional cycle paths such as the cycle path that runs along viale Rubicone. Thus, the citizens of Bruzzano can no longer easily reach the 3 Affori or Comasina metro stops, nor get to the center of the district, much less Affori. And again, in via Tartini at the corner of via Carnevali, the sidewalks are perpetually occupied by parked vans and cars that force disabled people and mothers with prams to pass on the road, jeopardizing their safety and that of their children ». “Those who live in the area have a much wider perception of reality and not following up on a real transfer of skills and budgets is equivalent to relegating the Municipalities to simple managers of nothing and not being functional to the needs of citizens”.


Areas snubbed Municipality requests

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