“Brake maintenance”, shocking detail – Libero Quotidiano

“Brake maintenance”, shocking detail – Libero Quotidiano
“Brake maintenance”, shocking detail – Libero Quotidiano

Three interventions had already been requested since the beginning of the year for the maintenance of the Mottarone cable car which crashed on May 23 with 15 people on board. The third should have been there the day after the tragedy. To take care of this aspect were the manager of the cable car, Luigi Nerini, who paid a fee of 128,000 euros per year to the manufacturing company Leitner, and the manager of the business Enrico Perocchio. The latter, in particular, called in the companies deemed most suitable for the repair. In the specific case of the braking system of the cable car – as reported The printthe technicians of the Rvs of Turin, specialized in cableway installations, had been called.

The problems described by the service manager Gabriele Tadini, the only suspect now under house arrest, all concerned cabin 3, the one that later collapsed: it made strange noises and leaked oil. Furthermore, the hydraulic system often failed the system. “The first call to fix the braking system dates back to February 5,” the lawyer said Marcello perillo, who defends Tadini -. After about twenty days, there is a second call for the same problem, but maintenance only intervenes on April 30th, as shown by the documents. As for the third request for intervention, again for that problem with the braking system, was made to Perocchio in the first week of May. But it is not so clear if the surgery was planned. Certainly until May 23, so until the day of the disaster, the intervention had not been done“.

Thus, there would have been two attempts at repair. And a third not yet executed: according to some rumors reported by the Turin newspaper it was scheduled the day after the crash of the cabin. What is certain is that the first two repairs had not been conclusive at all. And Tadini would have continued to report the same fault.

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Brake maintenance shocking detail Libero Quotidiano

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