“He was a talent with a fragile heart” – Corriere.it

“He was a talent with a fragile heart” – Corriere.it
“He was a talent with a fragile heart” – Corriere.it

The sweetest words come from his last coach of the local team, Antonio Francese. “Seid was a talent with a fragile heart”. Tormented boy, with eyes and mind glued to human rights, with a thousand sensitivities always all on and also for this afflicted by all the evils of the world. Seid Visin chose to leave life at twenty. He killed himself at his home, in Nocera Inferiore, but yesterday – for his funeral – his home was the whole country, moved by his story and by the letter he wrote in 2019, which has now become a universal message against racism. In his words there was the weight he felt “on his shoulders like a boulder” in front of the “skeptical, prejudiced, disgusted, frightened glances of the people.”

The letter

“It was an outlet,” swears the adoptive father, Walter. “He was exasperated by the atmosphere in Italy, but it is not because of racism that he killed himself. I don’t want to talk about my son’s personal matters. I’m just saying he was wonderful. ”That wonderful boy born in Ethiopia, he was adopted as a child, he had an absolute talent for football and as a teenager, found by Milan, he left for Milanello. A couple of seasons next to Donnarumma, then the homesickness, the experience in Benevento and finally the return to Nocera to finish his studies (he was enrolled in Law). Yesterday, in church, Seid’s long letter was read amid applause and tears.

Seid Visin: all the insights

His drama, his indictment against racism, have arrived in the rooms of politics and have multiplied dramatically on social networks. With the result that everyone has made it their own flag and for some this story has become an occasion for controversy. “He was a friend, a boy like me”, recalled an excited Donnarumma.

The political confrontation

The secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta wrote two tweets. The first: «Seid Visin. If you can, excuse us ». The second: “We ask for forgiveness”. Former Juve player Claudio Marchisio commented via Instagram: «We all suck a bit. Center, right, left. ”After a post by Roberto Saviano whom he called “clowns” and “proud racists” Salvini and Meloni to whom he wrote “you will deal with your conscience”, those directly involved made themselves heard. The League leader to say that “Anyone who still despises or distinguishes a human being on the basis of skin color is an idiotAnd to call Saviano a “jackal”. The president of the Brothers of Italy to assess that “it would be even more terrible if the tragic choice of Seid had been moved by lousy episodes of racismAnd to say that it is “right to keep attention on any unacceptable racism” but “also not to tolerate shameful and interested forms of looting”. A Salvini replies Emanuele Fiano: “No. Whoever despises or distinguishes is not an idiot, he is a criminal ».

Despair and commitment

The Minister for Agricultural Policies, Stefano Patuanelli, intervenes by writing: “Sometimes I wonder if we will be able to save ourselves from ourselves.” “An indictment that concerns all of us and that speaks of a country where the word” racism “is still dramatically relevant” comments the minister for relations with Parliament via Facebook, Federico D’Incà. “The desperation that emerges from this boy’s letter is a stain that must fill with shame anyone who cultivates contempt for others” he writes instead Mara Carfagna, Minister for the South and Territorial Cohesion. The mayor of Nocera Manlio Torquato he says that perhaps “it is no longer enough to respond with a sociological reflection but by thinking about the meaning of our human existence”. This is the power of Seid’s letter: the lights on on the subject of racism, stopping for a minute – even just one – to reflect on the anonymous lives of those who suffer small and large discrimination every day. It is Seid who is no more but there is more than ever.

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