Shot Virtus, Milan immediately knocked out at home

Shot Virtus, Milan immediately knocked out at home
Shot Virtus, Milan immediately knocked out at home

Checkmate to the king. Sasha Djordjevic steals the smile in Milan by luring the Armani into his spider’s web. For three times a beautiful Virtus, in the last the reaction of an Olimpia who escaped her tamer. Bologna wins match one in the final 83-77, plays better, defends as a team and attacks well, apart from the last quarter, the one where Milan has found itself within only 2 points with 4 minutes to play for more than 18.

Difficult life if the players who are all happy to be together in words and then go on their own in such a delicate challenge. Milan saved at the beginning by a Gigi Datome who seems to have forgotten the pain in the elbow, put back into the game at the end by Chacho Rodriguez, but around there was the almost empty, starting with Shields, as bad as against Barcelona in Cologne.

A different night at the Forum of Sasha Djordjevic who, after the 6-0 of the initial illusion of Milan, made hell the area where Armani tried to hit it. Gamble to stop, the others to chain an opponent who did not see the basket, 20 percent from 3 for over 30 minutes. Then Teodosic (19 points, 7 assists) and his light to short-circuit the Milanese defense, a creator who only failed in shooting, but otherwise a marvel even if to save a Virtus who had returned crazy and selfish from the stake , with Milan at 2 points, Markovic took care of it, also dragging a dark knight Belinelli.

Milan, which did well only in free throws, an enormous amount, 28 out of 35, will now have to rethink many things after having frozen the 3,000 spectators of the Forum. In Messina the 16 points of Rodriguez and Leday were not enough, the 15 that Datome scored. He needed more than just Hines’ usual heart. Too many have not responded. Really unpredictable start of this championship sprint that tomorrow, again at the Forum, will propose the second challenge. Of course now Virtus will fly lighter having stolen the serve from the big favorite. It must have been a big surprise to see Armani so awkward, loose, weightless within the area, always with a threatening shadow on the shooters.

Of course Virtus also committed sins in the masterpiece, but they disguised them well because in front of the opponents they were much more wrong.

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