even her sixteen year old brother “feared” the uncle who killed her- Corriere.it

even her sixteen year old brother “feared” the uncle who killed her- Corriere.it
even her sixteen year old brother “feared” the uncle who killed her- Corriere.it

“He feared” his uncle who dragged him with him on the run. And also for this reason it was decided to put the sixteen-year-old brother of Saman Abbas, the girl who disappeared into thin air a month ago in Novellara, in the Reggio area, in a protected center. The minor was arrested on 9 April in the province of Imperia, near the border with France. Where in all likelihood Danish Hasnain, 33, wanted to go, the man who, according to the prosecutor’s office, physically killed the young woman in the night between April 30 and May 1. Uncle and nephew remained in Novellara, while Saman’s parents – Shabbar, 46, and his wife Nazia Shaheen, 47 – had already fled to Pakistan, reached by plane.

“There’s nobody here anymore”

It is Hasain and the boy himself who tell the carabinieri that on the 5th morning they knock on their house to notify a deed concerning Saman, that “there is no one here anymore”: they all left to see a sister of Shabbar dying in motherland. But in the following days the two of them disappear too. About two weeks earlier, on 11 April, the girl had left the sheltered center in the Bolognese area to which the Social Services of the Municipality had entrusted her after she had called them, asking for help to oppose the marriage arranged by her father with a cousin. in Pakistan. At that moment it was impossible to suspect the crime and there was no wanted man. But the disappearance of the entire Abbas clan alarms the Carabinieri of the Operational Department. That start the searches. When the uncle and nephew are arrested in Imperia on 9 May, both are undocumented.

In a secure facility

Saman’s brother is held in a foster home and Hasnain is invited the following day to regularize his position at the police station. However, this does not happen: the man disappears, but at that point the investigators, informed of the presence of the minor, go to pick up the boy and accompany him to a protected facility in Emilia. And the murder investigation takes off. The teenager recounts that Saman was killed and sketches Hasnain’s role in the crime. He also says that he “fears” his uncle, he writes Journal of Reggio in the Saturday edition. Moreover, this would be the man to whom, on that terrible night, father and mother (filmed in a video) “literally” handed over their daughter, sending her to meet her death. Pakistani is sought throughout Europe. Probably between France and Spain. To identify it, “it will only be a matter of time”.

International Rogatory

As for the Abbas, for Pakistan the Prosecutor’s Office is asking for an international rogatory for extradition. Unlike in Europe, “it was first necessary to ascertain that he was in hiding”, the Operations Department informed. When the request for rogatory is formalized then the contribution of diplomacy will be important to arrive at the eventual extradition. Italy “has no police collaborations with Pakistani collateral in progress at this stage.” Regarding Hasnain and Saman’s second cousin wanted (the other is the 28-year-old Ikram Ijaz, taken in France) “it is reasonable to think that they are in Europe” observes one of Colonel Stefano Bove’s direct investigators. The International Cooperation Service of the Ministry of the Interior activated the European police forces to which the investigative data were provided. And indeed: it will only be a matter of time.

Saman Abbas missing: all we know. In a video the father with his backpack
Saman’s backpack taken from his father

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sixteen year brother feared uncle killed Corriereit

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