Thieves shoot him in his house: wounded jeweler

Thieves shoot him in his house: wounded jeweler
Thieves shoot him in his house: wounded jeweler

On the night of last Friday, June 4, shortly after 11 pm, after the curfew began, a jeweler was injured during a violent robbery in his villa in Rivoli, in the province of the Piedmontese capital. The man was then transported by ambulance to the Turin CTO and would not be in danger of life.

The jeweler injured during the robbery

According to what was reconstructed by the investigators, two criminals would have broken into the home of the trader who would have woken up to the noise. Once discovered, the two scoundrels would have started a fight with the owner of the house and they would have wounded him in the leg by exploding a gunshot. Immediately after, the two criminals fled with the stolen goods and one of them was stopped by the Rivoli carabinieri. The arrested is a fifty year old Romanian nationality. His accomplice is still a fugitive. As reported by the Corriere, the victim of the theft, a 52-year-old merchant, former owner of the jewelry located in Corso Francia in Rivoli, discovered the two criminals during the coup and one of these allegedly told the other appears, in a perfect Italian: “Shoot this bastard”.

One of the two robbers stopped

The military, immediately rushed, managed to recover a large part of the loot, namely a luxury watch worth about 40 thousand euros, the merchant’s iPhone 12 and some cash, but the total value of the stolen cash is still not certain. The Carabinieri were contacted with the single emergency number 112 and immediately rushed to the place indicated. The soldiers of the Arma then set out on the trail of the robbers and managed in a short time to arrest one of the criminals, while the hunt continues to arrest the second as well. A gazelle of the Rivoli carabinieri also recovered the gun thrown in the garden, and used by the two robbers to enter the villa and carry out the robbery. The rescuers have transferred the victim, who was injured during the struggle at the Turin Cto and would not be in danger of life anyway.

The fugitive is sought

At the moment, the men of the forensics are still carrying out various inspections inside the house, while the investigators are examining the footage recorded by the surveillance cameras in the villa and in the garden, to try to identify the second robber, who could having escaped on foot. The robber captured by the men of the Arma was found without documents, but the military still managed to identify him, he is a citizen of Romanian nationality, in his fifties.


Thieves shoot house wounded jeweler

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