Greenpeace, digital eco-map to discover our cities green side – Time

Greenpeace, digital eco-map to discover our cities green side – Time
Greenpeace, digital eco-map to discover our cities green side – Time

Rome June 5th (Adnkronos) – A digital eco-map to rethink the way we live our cities and discover their greener side. This is the initiative launched by Greenpeace on World Environment Day. It is a navigable guide by computer and smartphone to find the nearest green areas and bike sharing services, the points of sale of loose or used products, farmers’ markets and urban gardens. But also to find out which areas of the city are connected by bike paths, if there are bicycle workshops in your neighborhood, where you can find drinking water fountains and dispensers, and find your way around parks, gardens and craft shops. The Greenpeace initiative intends to promote a more sustainable lifestyle and offer citizens a tool to reduce our environmental impact, from transport to consumption.

The Greenpeace eco-map is online from today at the link and includes the first nine pilot cities: Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Bologna, Palermo, Florence, Lucca and Pisa. All the points of the city maps have been surveyed and verified by volunteers from Greenpeace and will be periodically updated, thanks to the continuous work of the local groups of the environmental association and the reports of all users who want to actively contribute to the project.

“Today 4.2 billion people, that is about 55% of the world population, live in cities, nerve centers of many economic activities but also responsible for 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The lockdowns imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic they led us to recognize the need to rethink our cities, make them greener and more sustainable “, explains Martina Borghi, spokesperson for the Ecomappa project of Greenpeace Italy. “Thanks to our volunteers and our volunteers, we have collected the already existing solutions for a more sustainable life in urban centers and we hope that this project will grow over time, with the participation of everyone and everyone, inspiring the birth of new habits and experiences towards increasingly liveable cities “, concludes the spokesperson.


Greenpeace digital ecomap discover cities green side Time

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