Sala’s hands also on QT8

We are on the north-western outskirts of Milan, where the “QT8” stands, Q stands for district, T is equivalent to Triennale and 8 is the eighth edition of the event organized by the Palazzo dell’Arte e dell’ Architettura in Milan.

Year 1947. in a city still marked by war and rubble, the architect Piero Bottoni, in that year extraordinary commissioner of the Milan Triennale, was called to design this experimental area. In the S. Siro area, a district free from the regulatory codifications of the other districts of the city is about to be born, “the only one in Milan that has the ideal urban conditions for modern architecture and in which it is possible to realize, and for some cases realized, works of extreme interest ”the chronicles write.

QT8 was born to be an excellent example of urban livability and so it has been and still is, within it also Monte Stella, an artificial hill made up of the rubble of all the buildings destroyed as a result of the bombings suffered by the city, today a beautiful park where in the past years the “green” council of Beppe Sala has poured concrete pours with the excuse of renovating the Garden of the Righteous.

However, QT8 is still a perfect neighborhood today, so why not start ruining this too, Granelli and Maran will have asked, and so on to useless work and once again harmful to the traffic and safety of everyone, even cyclists. , the ones they love so much, that they devastate the city roads with unlikely to put it mildly and very dangerous cycle paths.

In order to spend a little public money and congest a little traffic, guess what, a couple of nice narrowings, very dangerous, both for motorists and motorcyclists, but especially for cyclists who when they find themselves inside them the cars will be forced to touch them to pass, yes because the outlet of QT8 in one direction is the entrance into Milan from Piazza Stuparich and on the other is the exit from the city on Via Sant’Elia which leads to the highways, therefore in the hours at peak the area is busy.

As you can clearly see from the photographs, once again a useless, dangerous intervention but above all aimed at slowing down the traffic even more and at this point, given all the disasters committed by this junta, it is more than legitimate to think that the accident is sought at all. costs, only this time dear Granelli and dear Maran, here those who risk the most after your umpteenth destruction are the cyclists you say you want to protect and facilitate.

Congratulations once again you have shown that you live in your Zone 1 world, completely detached from city reality and these decisions seem to have been made by people who live on the Rive Gauche of Brera.

Bruno Carmignani


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