for the first time in 3 in the second round

for the first time in 3 in the second round
for the first time in 3 in the second round

Jannik Sinner wins against Mikael Ymer 6-1 7-5 6-3 in two hours and 22 minutes, managing some complicated situations well after a dominated first set. Particularly well in the longer exchanges the tds N.18, in which he prevailed for 35-22, and with the first, with which he won 81 percent of the points despite not very high percentages.

Overtaking therefore in direct comparisons: Sinner had swept against Ymer in Milan in 2019, then losing in Montpellier in the following February. Now wait for the southpaw match-up winner Nadal-Norrie, with the possibility of a rematch with Rafa, who beat him last fall in the quarters and a few weeks ago in Rome in the second round.

PRIMO SET – At the beginning of the game the displacements between the two could not have looked more different: Sinner always made fun of the answer, getting a break point in the first game, but made a mistake that prevented him from sprinting. A shot that worked particularly well for the South Tyrolean was the inside-out forehand response from the center-left, with which he often and willingly prodded Ymer’s backhand. In the third game, in fact, two more chances arrived with two clean winners, a backhand along the line and an anomalous forehand, and this time the break materialized with a forehand error from the center of the Swede.

Ymer is by far the worst hitter among players who have reached the third round (but one of the best hitter), and watching him serve you understand why: the throw of the ball is crooked, the movement seems to articulate itself in watertight compartments, losing fluidity, and at the moment of impact there is a jump to the knees even which takes away verticality – in short, we are talking about a fairly involved mechanics. From the baseline, then, the two have different speeds: Sinner threw nine winners in the first four games, against only one of the opponent, often and willingly gaining space on the backhand diagonal and then closing with the wing, definitely his best shot today.

Forward 3-1, Sinner recovered from 40-0, obtaining a break ball with a nice straight response in the extension, climbing 4-1 on an opponent’s forehand error. He then procured a set point in the seventh game, closing on a backhand mistake by Ymer after 29 minutes. On the serve, Sinner put 13 of the first 15 first on the field, drawing 11 points, but also dominating the long rallies: 10-6 in the rallies between five and eight hits, 10-2 over eight.

SECOND SET – Ymer started by greatly increasing the speed of the first (from 169 km / h of the first to 189 km / h of the first game of the second), earning the first game in the quiet service of his match – even if he went down, he still remained more effective with the fundamental. Sinner initially continued not to suffer in his rounds, and in the fourth game, when Ymer’s first (la prYmer) stopped entering, took 0-30 with a nice short ball – on the second the Swede almost always found himself rowing, prompting this solution from Sinner.

At that moment, however, Sinner has started making a few mistakes too many (10 in the first five games, 24 in the partial), especially in the prolonged exchange (11-8 Ymer over the five hits at the same juncture), and so came a break ball for Ymer at 2-2, also thanks to a great passer by straight of the Swede from outside the field. TDS N.18 was saved with a kick that the Swede was unable to manage, but he missed a backhand and conceded another. However, he found a wiry first in the center, preventing the opponent from entering the exchange with two straight into the field and holding for the 3-2. After the danger, Sinner resumed pushing without pause, bending Ymer’s arm in the exchange twice and climbing 0-40; However, Ymer saved the first with a serve-and-forehand, while on the second Sinner missed a backhand down the line, and on the third Ymer resorted to serve-and-volley, then impacted 3-3.

Ymer’s level has grown a lot, without making any more mistakes from the bottom, while Sinner’s errors have continued to increase, also thanks to a very low prime rate (13/28 in the first four rounds of the set): In the seventh game, Sinner conceded another break point with a double foul, and found himself down 4-3 with a backhand error. The Italian understood that he had to build the point more, but Ymer managed to defend himself, climbing 5-3 with some more damping and more safety in the verticalization with the backhand; at the end of that game, Sinner seemed to say to his corner “I don’t know how to take stock”, opinion validated by this opponent’s under-the-net prowess:

When Ymer went to serve for the set in the tenth game, Sinner looked resigned, and made two backhand mistakes for the 30-0. Coming within two points of the set, however, the Swede made a sensational mistake under the net for the 30-30, and from there Sinner has completely changed his approach, deciding to decelerate and gamble on solidity from behind: he won the next exchange always remaining deep for the ball of the counter-break, and even if he then became impatient on the left diagonal (27 shots), making a mistake with a backhand down the line, the way for him was drawn. Another two-handed error gave the set point to Ymer, who, however, missed in turn two setbacks to offer a second ball of the counter-break to Sinner, who played with extreme patience and closed with a forehand counterbalance from the center to on 5-5.

Back in a draw, Sinner continued to accept the friction from the bottom, while Ymer got impatient, losing 10 points in a row (on 6-5 he also had a dispute with the chair judge) and giving Sinner three set points with a backhand error. The Swede canceled the first with a first outside, but without Sinner’s high speeds to open the corners for him, he had no choice but to stay in the exchange, finally failing to contain the acceleration of the straight line of theSouth Tyrolean, who went two sets to zero after 95 minutes.

TERZO SET – A bizarrely laughing Ymer decided to get much more aggressive, flattening the shots (nine winners in the first five games, and 9/9 at net in the set) and taking a triple break point in the third game when Sinner hit a long forehand in a game in which tds N.18 did not enter the first. However, the Italian continued to stay delay, and saved the first with a good forehand down the line at the end of a prolonged exchange, then equalized with a first winning to the body and with a progressively closed exchange with the fanning from the center. Ymer earned another one with a push swap closed with a smash, ma Sinner equalized with another blow closed in advance, and held for the 2-1.

In the next game, an episode arrived that could have influenced not a little the progress of the match. Sinner earned two break points with two winners along the line (a forehand and a backhand) in a game in which the two boxers simply decided to swap for the center of the ring. In fact, Ymer saved the two chances with winning backlashes, but Sinner was destined to prevail at the doorsteps, if not for an unfortunate episode: he climbed to the break point with a damped followed by two precise lines, seemed to have closed the game with another drop shot, when the double bounce was not recognized by the chair judge, leading him to lose the point and the game. Sinner disunited, and conceded two break points with a backhand error, but was saved with a winning serve and a good attack with the crosses to knock Ymer off the field. The eldest got two more, but Sinner’s forehand canceled them, then held with an ace for the 3-2 – in the deciding set Sinner made 18/22 with the first and saved eight out of eight break points.

The decisive acceleration therefore arrived at 4-3: enticed by a double fault from Ymer, Sinner went up 0-30 with a straight down the line, and got two break points on a backhand mistake by Ymer, who could not withstand his bottom pressure even on the second chance, making a mistake with the forehand to send him to serve for the match. Sinner committed a double foul for 15-30, but got himself out of trouble with a straight really grown a lot, climbing to match point with an ace and closing with kick-and-straight. Having fulfilled his obligations with the media, Jannik will be able to sit in an armchair and wait for the response of the court to find out who he will have to cross the racket with on Monday. We all have an idea.

The men’s draw of Roland Garros 2021 with updated results

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