Volleyball, Nations League: second success for Italy, 3-2 against Canada

Volleyball, Nations League: second success for Italy, 3-2 against Canada
Volleyball, Nations League: second success for Italy, 3-2 against Canada

Second affirmation in six matches for Italvolley in the Nations League. In Rimini, the Azzurri beat Canada 3-2 with these sets: 25-19, 25-21, 21-25, 26-28 15-11.

The coach Valentini has revolutionized the starting sextet by choosing the diagonal of Spirito-Nelli, Cortesia and Mosca the central ones, Bottolo and Recine the hammers with Balaso free for the reception alternating immediately with Federici for the defense. Starting set well played by the Azzurri who stemmed the Canadians with an effective block (6-3 in the fundamental). What ensued was a conduction with a progressive increase in the advantage up to 25-19 which decreed the conclusion of the first partial.

In the second fraction the young blues first continued to play at good pace, managing to impose their strategy and then, in the central part of the set, gradually giving way to the Canadians who managed to reduce the disadvantage (from +7 on 16-9 yes went to +1 on 19-18 for the Azzurri). In the final, however, Nelli and his companions reacted to the moment of difficulty, managing to extend again on +5 (23-18), an advantage administered until 25-21.

In the third set when the Canadians found themselves ahead 8-3 managing to interrupt the good moment of the blues. With patience and calm, however, Valentini’s men at first slowly recovered and then reversed the situation taking to 10-8. The gained advantage seemed to be able to restore confidence to the tricolor group which in the immediately following phases, however, was again made to take back by the Canadians who were good at pushing the serve, thus continuing to take advantage of the not exactly exemplary reception of the Azzurri. Thanks to a less clear-headedness in closing the attack shots, Valentini’s boys ended up yielding with the score of 25-21.

Azzurri immediately under 6-3 in the fourth set: a +3 maintained for a while (12-9) by the Canadians who seemed to be in control. The reaction of the Italian boys, however, was not long in coming and even if with less effectiveness and clarity than at the beginning of the race they managed to get under the score (13-13 and 17-17). In the final phase, Italy continued to suffer the service of Canada, thus squandering the good it had done; despite the great difficulties encountered, however, the Azzurri again impacted the match on 23-23. In the final, the Azzurri, after failing to close the match in their favor, left the partial to their opponents on the third attempt at 28-26.

In the tie-break Nelli and his teammates were good at regrouping, playing with great character, they closed the game on 15-11 at the third match point.

Italy again on the pitch on Wednesday 9 June at 4.30 pm against Argentina (live on La7); the next day the opponent will be Japan (at 7.30 pm live streaming from the FIVB platform) and then close the third round against Australia (at 4.30 pm live streaming from the FIVB platform).

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