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“If you can, excuse us.” The secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, writes about the suicide of the young footballer Seid Visin. In a second comment, Letta added: “We ask for forgiveness.” And Matteo Salvini, leader of the League: «A prayer for you, boy, and a strong hug to your family. Italians have always been generous, hardworking, welcoming and supportive. Anyone who still distinguishes or despises a human being on the basis of skin color is an idiot. Point”. The twenty-year-old Italian of Ethiopian origin, who committed suicide after writing racist discrimination against him in a letter and denouncing the “fear of the hatred I saw in people’s eyes towards immigrants, the fear of the contempt I felt in the mouth of the people ”, has raised many reactions in the political world. “The desperation that emerges from the letter from this very young boy, in the prime of his years and energies, is a stain that must fill with shame anyone who cultivates contempt for others,” said Mara Carfagna, Forza Italia, Minister for the South and territorial cohesion. While for Osvaldo Napoli, deputy of Coraggio Italia: «Let’s face it: today not all of us have the right to mourn it. Many of us politicians, on the other hand, have the duty to question ourselves about the drift of incivility and cialtroneria that has struck a people once known as “good people”. Politics carries enormous responsibility for Seid’s death. I find some silence more appreciable than hypocritical condolences ». Emanuele Fiano, of the presidency of the Pd group in the Chamber, however, underlines one aspect: «No Matteo Salvini, whoever still distinguishes or despises a human being based on the color of his skin is not an idiot, he is a criminal, and as such must be punished. Point”.

Fratoianni: “Be cursed!”

“Marchisio is right (the player intervened on the case, ed), we are a country that has failed,” wrote Nicola Fratoianni, secretary of the Italian Left, via Twitter, “there is nothing else to add. Because when a boy takes his own life, the stupid jokes, the cynical posts of the politicians about the tourists on the rafts and the color of their skin show all their meanness. Be cursed! ». For Dario Nardella, mayor pd of Florence: «Now there are no more excuses and justifications for turning away. Racism thrives in our society, like a cancer, it manifests itself in schools and on football fields, on TV and in the streets, as well as in politics ». Even clearer Laura Boldrini, deputy dem: «He felt the infamous weight of racism’s gaze. Seid Visin’s farewell letter is a punch in the stomach. But what kind of society do we want to be? ».

Todde “Shameful sentences against him”

«Why did he take his life?» Asks Alessandra Todde, M5S Deputy Minister for Economic Development, «because of the color of his skin. A color of which, due to stereotypes and prejudices, he had even come to be ashamed, accused of being here in Italy to steal jobs from Italians. A phrase that we have heard many, too many times. A shameful sentence ». And his party and government colleague, Stefano Patuanelli, Minister of Agricultural Policies, adds: «Today everyone is rightly talking about the environment, the ecological transition to save the planet. Sometimes I wonder if we will be able to save ourselves from ourselves. SeidVisin “. While for Simona Malpezzi, president of the dem senators: «No words are needed. We need a society without hatred and discrimination ”.

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