Ciro Grillo, the video and the obscene photos with the sleeping girl: “A goliardata” –

Ciro Grillo, the video and the obscene photos with the sleeping girl: “A goliardata” –
Ciro Grillo, the video and the obscene photos with the sleeping girl: “A goliardata” –

Ciro Grillo: A stupid thing that I would not do again, even if I want to reiterate that it was a goliardic thing, by way of a joke. Vittorio Lauria: I admit that it was a bad joke, I repeat that there was no particular intent of a sexual nature but it was only a game. I only regret that it was a bad joke, which of course I wouldn’t do again. Edoardo Capitta: it was a stupid act, devoid of any instinct of a sexual nature and that was done only for fun without ever touching the girl and without ever approaching her. (…) I feel I can say that it was a stupid thing not nice to see and that today I would not do it again because I believe I have matured in these two years. Ciro (son of Beppe Grillo) and his friends Edoardo and Vittorio are talking about a video and obscene photographs next to a sleeping girl, speak of the accusation of group sexual assault that they are accused of Procuratorate of Tempio Pausania. Their words are the answers given to the investigators who are questioning them. April 2021 and these are their last interrogations, the last chance they have to convince the prosecutor Gregorio Capasso and the substitute Laura Bassani who are telling the truth.

The Ciro Grillo case, insights

The photos

It will all be useless because in the end the prosecutor will ask for the indictment all the same. But that day the games are not yet over and the three appear before the magistrates to clarify each of their roles in one of the charges that concern them: the obscene photographs, in fact, taken next to Roberta, their guest girl who slept unaware on the sofa. This uncontested episode to the fourth guy in the company – Weather in Francesco Corsiglia – who, according to everyone’s versions, was sleeping. To Francesco and all the others, however, the most serious episode, that is the sexual violence told by the other girl guest in their house in Sardinia on July 17, 2019, Silvia, is disputed.

Allegations of sexual assault

All four raped me, she said in her complaint, first Francesco and then the others all together who first forced me to drink half a bottle of vodka. Not true, she was totally consenting and did not drunk the defense of the four. Although more serious from the point of view of individual conduct, this episode will be confirmed (or denied) by the set of clues (wiretaps, chats, social messages, statements, testimonies …). The other, on the other hand – that of the photographs with a sexual background close to Roberta – has less space for interpretation. It is a question of ascertaining who is in the photos (without a face).


And on this that Ciro last week made spontaneous statements to the carabinieri of his city, Genoa. The son of the guarantor of the Five Stars has somehow distanced himself from Capitta and Lauria to say that while those images were taken, at 7.15 am, he was already asleep. He specified that yes, he had let himself be filmed in a short video, always in obscene poses and where the girl was, but it was 6.25am and I was at a safe distance. Then I went to sleep. The two friends who share the charge with him, however, said different things in their interrogations. We all took the photos a bit he had declared Capitta while Lauria had been more generic but without excluding the presence of Cyrus: Everything we did was just a game. This and all the rest will be discussed on June 25 in the preliminary hearing while the children’s lawyers evaluate the possibility – increasingly concrete – of asking for a trial with an abbreviated procedure.

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