stop to reciprocity agreements with other territories

stop to reciprocity agreements with other territories
stop to reciprocity agreements with other territories

I vaccines (also) for tourists? Reciprocity with other Regions? The Lazio, now, brake. Indeed, the orientation seems opposite to that advocated by Commissioner Figliuolo and the government: that, that is, the question of “second doses on vacation” can be delegated to the territories, with more or less extensive local agreements. A kind of vaccination “do ut des”, which – however – Lazio intends to avoid. “We can think about it for 48 hours – says, with a good dose of skepticism, the regional councilor for health Alessio D’Amato – but I think it is impossible to achieve”.

Meanwhile, compared to most of the other regions, there is a practical reason. In Lazio, ea Roma, tourists arrive from all parts of Italy (without counting Europe and the rest of the world …). Just as it is true that the Romans, when they move for the holidays, go almost everywhere. In some areas, of course, there is greater density – see Sardinia, for example – in others perhaps less. But tourist destinations for the Romans are also Tuscany, Salento, Alto Adige, Campania, Liguria, etc. So, is the reasoning from the parts of via Cristoforo Colombo, “we should make a specific agreement with almost all the other Italian regions”. Complicated, honestly.


But this is not the only thing to weigh on Lazio’s braking. The other aspect concerns a precedent from last year, which the Region has not forgotten. The Augustan epidemic, in 2020, started in the capital again from the return from Sardinia by all those tourists who were made to leave the island of the nuraghi without having swabbed or even – as Il Messaggero documented – with a positive swab. According to the dossier that the Lazio technicians developed, as many as 59% of travelers returning from Sardinia had symptoms but were sent off anyway. What does it have to do, it may be said, with the issue of vaccines for tourists? “Well, if there have been problems with reciprocity on tampons, let alone that on vaccines,” is the reasoning that circulates in the rooms in via Cristoforo Colombo. D’Amato’s reasoning is simple: Lazio guarantees for its citizens, but cannot guarantee its citizens towards other Regions. So no, thanks. Vaccines for tourists also do not. Also because the vaccination campaign is now at a very advanced stage.


Today reservations will open for the under 30s (first band from 39 to 34 years old, then on June 8 it is the turn of 34-30 year olds and so on to follow again in June), yesterday “last minute” bookings were reopened for the open week over 18 (with AstraZeneca) in the Eur hubs, Acea, Termini and Ostia, the administrations exceeded 3.6 million, one in two adults received at least one dose and one in four ha the vaccination course has already been completed. What’s more: from next week, even those who have “only” done the first dose will be able to download the vaccination pass which will then be used to travel.
Lazio’s position on vaccines for tourists, also brought to the discussion tables, was another. That a sort of “national reserve” of vaccines would be opened, with extra doses that could be made available to the regions precisely for “exchanges”. A system to be managed with a national platform, without leaving it to individual (and complicated) agreements between the territories. But the government has chosen another path. And Lazio, as the famous scribe Bartleby told by Melville, replied «I prefer not».


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