The Pool NYC in Milan makes an exhibition on Ugo Foscolo

The Pool NYC in Milan makes an exhibition on Ugo Foscolo
The Pool NYC in Milan makes an exhibition on Ugo Foscolo

The exhibition set up at The Pool NYC in Milan is inspired by the love story between Ugo Foscolo and Antonietta Fagnani Arese. An experiment to restore the everyday life of love through art.

The environment recreated for Love is in the air it is a welcoming, modern but timeless atmosphere. The idea for the project comes from Luigi Franchin, Alberto Levi and Viola Romoli, and the exhibition is curated by Roberto Mastroianni on a project by Studio Patricia Boher.
A space, the one set up inside the gallery, which describes moment by moment the reality of a couple who are the protagonists of the past and makes them fully identify with a dimension of their own. The language with which the profiles of Ugo Foscolo e Antonietta Fagnani Arese is the transformation in a contemporary key of the characteristics and facets of the harmony of the two characters, through the works of art of various artists including Vedovamazzei, Aldo Mondino, Gaetano Fish, Carlo Prada.

Love is in the air. Exhibition view at The Pool NYC, Milano 2021


Each corner and each artist involved tell a different particularity of the personality and character of each of the two “tenants” and describes their bond as a symbiosis. A light, playful and profound reading of a love from the past at the same time.
This testifies how feelings and perceptions do not age and how much habits and aesthetic figures change constantly over time. Dynamics of everyday life that at The Pool NYC are “staged” with extreme naturalness. An approach that leads to the appreciation of two figures who otherwise would have always seemed distant from today’s reality.

– Luisa Pagani

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