Volley Nations League, Italy beats Canada

Volley Nations League, Italy beats Canada
Volley Nations League, Italy beats Canada

Second victory suffered for the Azzurri with a great team performance: excellent Recine

Italy-Canada 3-2 (25-19, 25-21, 21-25, 26-28, 15-11)

Here comes the second victory of the Nations League for the men’s Italy that Canada in a match that the Azzurri seriously risked losing after being in the lead 2-0 and having a match ball in the fourth set. Now three days of rest for the Azzurri who return to the field on the 9th with Argentina. Tomorrow it’s the women’s turn to face South Korea at 7pm.

The match

Valentini sends yet another different formation on the field with the pair of hammers Bottolo-Recine, the diagonal Spirito-Nelli and Mosca-Cortesia in the center with Balaso and Federici alternating as free. Glenn Hoag responds with Sanders-Vernon Evans, Hoag-Perrin, Van Berkel-Szwarc, Bann free. The choice pays off immediately because Bottolo and Recine drag Italy forward in the first set. Attentive team at the wall (Moscow a bulwark) and in defense and the two forwards play with the hands of the Canadian wall without problems. The only one to hurt is Perrin. Hoag tries to shuffle the cards by changing the diagonal (it will remain so also in the second set) but it is not enough. Same script in the second set with Bottolo unleashed and Spirito who also pulls Nelli into the game. The Azzurri limit the Canadian comeback attempts (Loeppky in the final joke for example) and some uncertainty in reception closing the set on the wall.

The reaction

In the third comes the Canadian reaction that seems to have found the right set-up with Loeppky and Jansen Vandoorn also on the field: the initial 8-3 tests the blue mental capacity that responds to the great with a partial 7-0 with Cortesia in joke that brings Italy back in the lead. However, this time Canada no longer lets Recine and his companions escape forward, finds another advantage on the wall at 18-16 and manages to keep it until the end. Hoag and his teammates have found their own rhythm and balance, they have grown on the block and in attack and the Azzurri suffer too much. The comeback is long and laborious, Italy grows against the wall but still struggles in reception and defense. Two ace from Vernon put Canada on 21-19. The 23 all is instead signed by Nelli-Michieletto and Hoag pulls out the ball of the first blue match point. Perry earns the first Canadian set point and Canada closes in third. In the tie break Italy does not lose lucidity and immediately gains a large advantage against the wall and in the reconstruction of the game. The 11-4 with Recine as protagonist closes the game

June 5 – 11:58 pm



Volley Nations League Italy beats Canada

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