Brera Calcio launches the FENIX Trophy

Brera Calcio launches the FENIX Trophy
Brera Calcio launches the FENIX Trophy

The answer to the Super League project comes from Italy: the Milanese club of Brera has in fact launched the FENIX Trophy, a new competition that will be launched in September and which will face eight non-professional teams from seven different countries, all chosen for their social, historical and cultural peculiarities. The name is the fruit of the acronym Friendly, European, Non-professional, Innovate, Great. The organizers also asked for UEFA’s support for the new competition. Together with the Brera, there will be another Italian representative, namely the Roman club of Lodigiani; with them also the Dutch AFC DWS, the German club HFC Falke eV, AKS Zly (Poland), the Praga Raptors (Czech Republic), Cuenca-Mestallistes 1925 (Spain) and the English FC United of Manchester, the team founded in 2005 by some Manchester United fans as a form of protest over the purchase of the club by Malcom Glazer. The definition of the tournament as an antithesis to the Super League was born from the English, due to the clear contrast of values ​​between the two initiatives.

The competition will consist of two groups of four competing from September 2021 to May 2022, with home and away games and the final tournament taking place on the last weekend of May, with all eight teams drawn against each other. the other in a single-elimination format, based on the group rankings. The knockout matches will all take place in Rimini. The organizers note reads: “The eight clubs are famous for a variety of reasons: clubs rebuilt and run by fans, clubs with significant social and cultural projects, clubs with extraordinary communication skills, etc.. In short, a real European network of non-professional “cult” clubs. The significance of the competition goes beyond the simple football aspect. The FENIX Trophy is an experience of sports exchange, aimed at highlighting best practices within non-professional football: sporting conduct, links with the local community, sustainability, use of technologies and friendship between clubs “.



Brera Calcio launches FENIX Trophy

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