Salvini-Berlusconi phone call: “Forward with federation”

Salvini-Berlusconi phone call: “Forward with federation”
Salvini-Berlusconi phone call: “Forward with federation”

New phone call between Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi. At the center of the conversation, we learn from circles of the League, the federation of the center-right government. The two leaders agreed that the project “is important and positive”: it will be open to all coalition groups that support Mario Draghi. No annexation, Salvini and Berlusconi clarified: all the protagonists will have equal dignity.

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“We have evaluated the hypothesis of a federation of the forces of the center right” summarized yesterday Berlusconi, in a post on Facebook, the state of the art on the federation hypothesis. Environments close to the former prime minister, before the evening phone call, stressed that, as has always happened since the birth of Forza Italia 27 years ago, Berlusconi, before making decisions regarding future political scenarios, wants to listen to collaborators and party leaders.

On the federation “it seems to me that there is consensus from many, if not all. Coming together to help Italy and to count more in Europe I think is something that citizens want one hundred percent, maybe some politicians are afraid of lose something, “Salvini said today speaking from Verona. “It is not a question – assured the leader of the Northern League – of annexing, of merging, each one maintains its identity, its history, its values, but we put together energies, groups, ministers, battles, agendas, amendments, proposals of law. We will all count more “.


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