“Michetti, discovered on the radio by Giorgia Meloni, would be an excellent mayor” – Corriere.it

“Michetti, discovered on the radio by Giorgia Meloni, would be an excellent mayor” – Corriere.it
“Michetti, discovered on the radio by Giorgia Meloni, would be an excellent mayor” – Corriere.it

Radio Radio could only launch the “mayor of mayors”. Repetition seems like a joke and instead it is serious. The issuer is the launch pad for Enrico Michetti, lawyer, director of the Administrative Gazette and, in the intentions of Giorgia Meloni, candidate for mayor of Rome. Nobody knows him like Ilario Di Giovambattista, the editorial director of the radio.

Ilario Di Giovambattista, editorial director of Radio Radio, given that your broadcaster deals mainly with football, can we define you as a Michetti fan?
“To all effects. And they have been for six years, ever since he spoke to us on Radio Radio. Love at first sight. If the center-right nominates him, he draws the ace of trump because he is the mayor of the mayors ».

What do you mean?
«Radio Radio collaborates with Anci, the National Association of Italian Municipalities. Every Thursday, at 12, we give space to a mayor of a Lazio municipality. Many of them, on the right and on the left, told me about this lawyer who solved their administrative problems. So I wanted to meet him. Maybe I shouldn’t say it, but many mayors also “from the other side” write to him that they will cheer for him ».

Michetti is Giorgia Meloni’s candidate, who calls him “Mister Wolf”, the one who solves problems …
«Salvini knows Milan better than Rome. On the mayor of the capital should be advised by Giorgia Meloni. And do you know why Meloni trusts Michetti? Because his sister Arianna and the Lazio regional commissioner for Brothers of Italy, Paolo Trancassini, listened to Enrico on the radio and were conquered. The important thing is not to waste time, otherwise you give an advantage to others ».

Aren’t you afraid that Radio Radio is seen as a party broadcaster?
«Carlo Calenda has just spoken with us. We are a square of freedom. Then I cheer for Enrico because I know him ».

Radio Radio is famous for hours and hours of football discussions. Politics, what’s right for us?
«The doubt was there. Then I saw that Michetti made the same ratings as the transfer market. Its strength is knowing how to talk to people. He knows a lot of things but he doesn’t care ».

Michetti becomes mayor, what advice do you give him?
“He doesn’t need it. Its priorities are: transport, waste and the efficiency of the public administration ».

They are everyone’s priorities …
«The difference is knowing how to move in the right way. One day he told me: bureaucracy is a quagmire for those who do not know it, but it can also be a runway. It is not up to me to anticipate them, but he has revolutionary ideas. He has a 360-degree vision: for him Rome begins in Civitavecchia and ends in Caserta ».

Is it a Mou or an Ancelotti?
«He knows that no coach wins without players and thus no mayor. He would be able to speak with the 60,000 employees of the PA to convince them to play as a team ».

«One for Roma and one for Lazio. When Raggi cut through Libeskind’s towers she told me: the project is dead. And so it was ».

Which electoral basin does it have?
«That of the non-ideologized. He can also get votes from PD and 5Stelle ».

They call him the tribune, won’t it be exaggerated? Does this Michetti have a flaw?
“He’s too sincere. Perhaps in politics it is a flaw ».

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