Rome, night of checks in San Lorenzo: a 26-year-old Roman was arrested

Rome, night of checks in San Lorenzo: a 26-year-old Roman was arrested
Rome, night of checks in San Lorenzo: a 26-year-old Roman was arrested

He was arguing animatedly with his partner and at the sight of the carabinieri he tried to escape trying, once reached, to attack one of the soldiers. A 26-year-old Roman with precedent was arrested by the carabinieri of the Piazza Dante company on charges of violence and resistance to public officials that last night they carried out numerous anti-nightlife checks in the streets of San Lorenzo and in the area of Porta Maggiore.

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The controls – Following a report, the military, having arrived in Largo Passamonti, separated many young people who were in the street after the curfew and who did not respect the anti-gathering rules. At that juncture they intervened to settle a quarrel between a man and a woman which apparently arose for futile reasons. At that moment, the boy, a 26-year-old Roman with precedents, visibly agitated, tried to escape but was reached after a few meters. To avoid identification, the young man put up a vigorous resistance, hitting the face of a policeman with his elbow and, once blocked, he also bit and scratched him on the forearm. When other patrols arrived in support, the carabinieri arrested him while all the others present left abruptly to avoid being identified and sanctioned and, some of them, even launched, from a considerable distance, glass bottles against the military without being able – fortunately – to hit them. The 26-year-old, meanwhile, taken to the barracks is currently awaiting the direct route.

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Furthermore, in the square of Porta Maggiore also the military in Piazza Dante deferred to a 35-year-old Somali man who was surprised while he damaged the door of a parked car, then tried to break the driver’s side window with a glass bottle.


Rome night checks San Lorenzo #26yearold Roman arrested

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