the sentence that will cost him the trial? – Free Daily

the sentence that will cost him the trial? – Free Daily
the sentence that will cost him the trial? – Free Daily

“She was consenting, it was all a game and no one forced her to drink”: these are the spontaneous declarations that Ciro Grillo – accused together with three of his friends for gang rape – he allegedly returned to the carabinieri of the company of San Martino in Genoa, delegated by the Sardinian prosecutor of Tempio Pausania, which is dealing with the case. The alleged violence against a 19-year-old Italian-Norwegian and a friend of hers, in fact, would have occurred in Ciro’s villa in Sardinia two summers ago. The prosecutors, however, did not believe him and yesterday the request for indictment arrived for all four of the boys involved.

On June 25, the suspects must appear before the judge, who will then have to decide whether to send them to trial or not. The allegations – as reported The print – are very heavy: we are talking about group rape “for forcing the girl by abusing her conditions of physical and psychophysical inferiority due to alcohol consumption to perform acts of a sexual nature”. Therefore the justifications, the investigations and the defensive memoirs would have been of no use because for the Prosecutor’s Office there would have been violence and abuses.

The process, as he says The print, a lot will also be played on what has emerged from the web. In fact, there are among the sources of evidence of the prosecutors “the acquisition and processing of computer data from Facebook, Instagram and social networks regarding the subjects involved through photos, posts and likes”. And not only. There would also be “telephone and environmental wiretapping”, “computer and psychological consultancy” and “investigations on the cell phones of the four suspects, but also of Silvia, the offended party in the proceedings”.

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