Monitor Italia survey, Fratelli d’Italia rises again: it is the second party

ROME – The rise of Fratelli di Italia does not stop and, still gaining small percentage points, it is reconfirmed as the second party after the League. This is what matters Monitor Italy, the survey carried out by Tecnè with Agenzia Dire, with interviews carried out on June 4 on a sample of a thousand cases.

Giorgia Meloni’s party stands at 19.7% with a + 0.3% compared to last week. The League is at 21% (stable over the last seven days). Third party the Democratic Party which, with 18.6%, loses 0.2. The Five Star Movement also drops slightly (-0.5%) which stops at 16.3%. Forza Italia loses 0.2% and is now at 9.0%. Also down in Action (-0.3%) now at 2.9%. Sinistra Italiana (-0.1%) at 2.3%, while Italia Viva recorded a -0.2% and falling to 1.9%. Finally, a -0.1% for the Greens now at 1.7%, a +1.3 for + Europe which rises to 1.3%. Other parties overall at 3.4% (-0.7%).


The policy of safe reopening and the gradual return to white areas, with the overcoming of the curfew, pays off in terms of consent. Mario Draghi’s consensus rises by four percentage points compared to last week. In seven days, the premier gained + 3.9%, obtaining 58.0% of the positive opinions.

The last to be liked in the ranking remains Matteo Renzi, which loses 0.1% from 10.2% to 10.1% in the last week. As for the others, Giorgia Meloni (+ 0.3%) in second place with 42.8%. On the podium of the first three Giuseppe Conte who follows with 38.5% (-0.3%). Matteo Salvini slightly regains at 32.1% (+ 0.1%). Enrico Letta drops to 29.1% with a -0.1% compared to a week ago.

Berlusconi is growing (+ 0.1%), now at 29.0%, and Roberto Speranza (+ 1.4%) at 23.4%. So Emma Bonino (-0.3%) at 19.2%, Carlo Calenda (+ 0.5%) at 18.6%. Last, as mentioned above, Matteo Renzi again (-0.1%) at 10.1%.

Returning to the premier, growth continues after the fall in confidence of 10 percentage points recorded in the two and a half months following the oath of the government.

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On 13 February Draghi received 61% positive opinions from the Italians, a percentage that had risen to 61.4% six days later, on 19 February. And it stood at 60% in the following days and then returned to just above 61% in the first days of March. Then, the decline: from 12 March to 30 April Draghi lost 9.7 percentage points. In May, the slow recovery that took him to 54.1% confidence on the 28th of last month up to 58% now.


Confidence in the government, chaired by Mario Draghi, rises to 48.6% (+ 2.6% in seven days). 42.5% have no confidence. Do not know 8.9%.

The Borsino of the executive shows a slightly growing trend after the start of the vertical drop in consensus which began on March 26 when, in a week, it lost 3 percentage points, going from 57.4% (on March 19) to 54.2% .

On the day of the oath, February 13, the ‘national salvation’ executive registered a confidence of 58.4%, which increased to 59% the following week. Then the descent, up to 45.1%, the lowest point, reached on 14 May. Now the rise to 46% on May 28 and now, a week later, to 48.6%.

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