In Rome, the first smart square, where technology is for sociality

Image taken from the Municipality of Rome website

The first was born in Rome, in the Pietralata district smart square: a public place conceived according to high standards of environmental sustainability, innovation and quality of life, with people and their needs at the center.

This is the “Smart squares” project, an innovative experimentation carried out by the Capitoline Administration in collaboration with the grouping of companies constituted by Imecon, Planet Idea, the competence center of Planet Smart City and 3PItalia, companies specialized respectively in the design and production of technological solutions, in the development of projects for integrate innovation in the urban environment and in the development of public-private partnership projects.

The initiative provides for the availability to all visitors to the Roman square of Wi-Fi gratuito and a series of smart elements. In the green area in via Cave di Pietralata it is now possible, for example, to recharge the smartphone via three exercise equipment that convert energy produced by physical activity into electricity to be exploited; inquire about weather, culture and current events through a interactive multimedia totem, called Gate 1, which will integrate the services of a Smart City. Once fully operational, it will also provide first aid and video surveillance services.

The square is also equipped with three smart benches powered by solar energy and equipped with accessories (wireless charging, USB, radio, speakers); the Planet app, which can be downloaded free of charge, which allows residents to access the services and initiatives organized by the Community manager. These facilitate good coexistence within the neighborhood, offering tools for organizing activities and share common spaces.

“Today we inaugurate this first smart square which will offer new services and a new one space for socializing and aggregation. We thank the companies that have promoted this experimentation and we continue the work to bring at least one smart square in every municipality of Rome. The goal is to give citizens the opportunity to reclaiming places in the city exploiting innovation and technology to open up new perspectives ”. This was declared by the Mayor’s delegate for innovation, Massimo Bugani. “We are pleased to bring a first important project to the capital smart city and a plan that aims to make technology a concrete service for the social community, including the neighborhood. We trust that this first Piazza smart initiative will be able to make people understand the countless advantages of using the most modern technology for the innovation of cities, areas and urban centers of all kinds “, comments Marco Orlandi, on behalf of the group of companies that invested in this innovative experimentation.

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