blues ahead in the second set, it’s domination against the wall! – OA Sport

blues ahead in the second set, it’s domination against the wall! – OA Sport
blues ahead in the second set, it’s domination against the wall! – OA Sport


20-18 Excellent parallel of Bottolo, that’s fine!

19-18 Loeppky wall on Nelli, set reopened.

19-17 Ace of Blankenau, attention!

19-16 Switch this time to the second Loeppky attempt.

19-15 Loeppky takes a bulwark and allows us to maintain a 4-point advantage.

18-15 Nelli prints a difficult ball on the net.

18-14 The series in the service of Hoag ends here.

17-14 We are suffering too much in reception at this stage and Hoag is hurting us in attack.

17-13 Recine’s service comes out.

17-12 Moscow unlocks the situation!

16-12 Sclater Ace, caution.

16-11 Again Hoag, who this time passes diagonally, we must not loosen his grip.

16-10 Hoag plays with the hands of Moscow.

16-9 Nelli’s winning diagonal from the second row.

15-9 Sclater passes in the middle of the wall this time.

15-8 Mani-out by Recine, but the whole team is playing spectacularly.

13-7 We do not pass the wall with Courtesy, Szwarc also stopped.

12-7 Murone di Cortesia on Perrin, let’s fly away!

11-7 Bottolo’s millimeter lob, a great match for him up to now.

10-7 Pipe of Hoag, which unlocks the situation for his.

10-6 The attack of Szwarc also comes out, very foul Canadians.

9-6 Escape the attack of Sclater.

8-6 Bottolo’s impressive parallel, let’s fly to +2!

7-6 Courtesy Stamp on Sclater.

6-6 Bottolo’s deep diagonal, which anticipates the wall well.

5-6 Second intention lob for Blankenau.

5-5 The series in the service of the Canadian hammer ends here.

4-5 Hoag makes a big voice from nine meters and puts his team back in the lead.

4-3 Pipe by Perrin, the two players are playing a lot in the center at this stage.

4-2 Broadside of Nelli from place four.

3-2 First half of Van Berkel.

3-1 Pipe by Bottolo, but what a beautiful play by Spirito.

2-1 Wonderful narrow dam of Recine.

1-1 Answers to the center Moscow.

0-1 It starts with a first half by Szwarc.

25-19 Mani-out by Nelli, great blue start!

24-19 Perrin’s millimeter lob.

24-18 The first is canceled by Sclater.

24-17 Courtesy Ace, there are seven set points!

23-17 Sparacchia out of Sclater, Italy travels fast towards the first set.

22-17 Moscow crazy wall on Hoag.

21-17 Another invasion, this time in attack by Van Berkel. Discretionary time-out for Canadians.

20-17 Nelli’s diagonal shoulder from the second line.

19-17 He does not find the Bottolo field from nine meters.

19-16 Sclater’s net invasion, who took over from Vernon-Evans.

18-16 Bottolo’s aerial invasion, too bad because this point was practically ours.

18-15 Excellent opening by Spirito, then Nelli plays a nice flick of the wrist behind the wall.

17-15 The reception of Recine escapes, Szwarc immediately takes advantage of it. Discretionary time-out for Italy.

17-14 Perrin puts down a ball at the net after a good containment wall by Bottolo.

17-13 AND LET’S GO !!!! Nelli puts an end to an exchange that lasted over 30 seconds, the Azzurri were very precise in defense and coverage.

16-13 Sanders’ serve does not pass, Italy ahead of 3 at the second technical time-out.

15-13 Perrin’s internal parallel, but we had had the opportunity of +4 several times.

15-12 And again a big wall, this time it is Bottolo who stops Vernon-Evans, incredible blues in this fundamental.

14-12 Moscow stampatona on Szwarc.

13-12 Recine is immediately forgiven, his attack from place two bags.

12-12 Great wall by Perrin on Recine, which this time has closed the shot too much.

12-11 Perrin pushes on the hands of Nelli’s wall.

12-10 vernon-Evans gets another wall, this time from Moscow.

11-10 Out the courtesy joke.

11-9 Stampatona di Recine on Vernon-Evans, crazy elevation for Francesco.

10-9 Mamma mia what a beautiful attack from Recine, let’s go back!

9-9 Vernon-Evans attack comes out from the second line.

8-9 Finally the series in the service of Vernon-Evans ends.

7-9 Recine tries to push on the wall, but with Van Berkel there is no passing.

7-8 First pushed half by Van Berkel, an important break for the Canadians, who go to the technical time-out ahead of one.

7-6 Second intention attack for Perrin, Canada immediately underwent it.

7-5 Ace from Vernon-Evans, ball on the baseline.

7-4 Crazy Seven by Van Berkel, nothing to say.

7-3 Ace di Bottolo, who is beating from nine meters!

6-3 Broadside in parallel by Nelli from the second line, what a beautiful Italy!

5-3 Van Berkel’s network invasion, break for the Azzurri.

4-3 Murone di Spirito on Hoag.

3-3 Bottolo’s hands-out against the three placed wall, great play of the number 29.

2-3 Nelli’s service escapes.

2-2 Winner the Recine pipe, which finds a shot to climb over the wall.

1-2 Perrin scored from place two.

1-1 Smart play this time by Bottolo, who finds a winning lob.

0-1 It starts immediately with a Vernon-Evans wall on Bottolo.

20:59 Many changes today by coach Valenti.

20:58 Italy responds with: Spirito, Nelli, Mosca, Recine, Bottolo, Cortesia and Balaso.

20:56 This is the sextet of Canada: Sanders, Vernon-Evans, Perrin, Szwarc, Vanberkel, Hoag and Bann.

20:53 The two teams are completing the warm-up phase.

20:50 Sbertoli and his teammates are starting to find the rhythm of the match and the team is improving day by day, thinking of winning today is not a utopia.

20:47 At the moment Italy occupies the fifteenth position with just two points, Canada is instead in eleventh with six.

20:44 Canada has already achieved two victories, one of which in yesterday’s match against Bulgaria.

20:41 The Azzurri obtained their first victory of the tournament two days ago against Bulgaria, tonight they will surely want to repeat themselves, especially after the defeat suffered yesterday against Iran.

20:38 Good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE of Italy-Canada, match valid for the sixth day of the men’s VNL 2021.

Good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Italy-Canada, a match valid for the sixth day of the men’s VNL 2021, which will be staged in Rimini until June 27th. After a difficult first week, in which three defeats came, the Azzurri have definitely changed gears in the last two games played, it should be noted how our national team presents itself to this appointment with a group of young people ready to gain experience, with the aim of giving good impressions to earn a place in the Olympic team, enriched by some veterans with various blue experiences behind them.

At the moment Italy occupies the lower parts of the standings, thanks to the two points won on Thursday against Bulgaria, unfortunately yesterday against Iran our blues had opportunities to move the standings (the first two sets ended up with advantages), but unfortunately, in the long run, Marouf and his teammates prevailed. Canada, a team made up of many athletes who play in our league, is immediately ahead of Italy, today’s match could be an equal match, both teams are young and eager to gain experience, we could see a good match. Sbertoli and his teammates are starting to find the rhythm of the match and the team is improving day by day, thinking of winning today is not a utopia.

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE by Italy-Canada, match valid for the sixth day of the men’s VNL 2021, news in real time, minute by minute, point by point, so as not to really miss anything, the match will start at 21:00, but we will keep you company already starting at 20:30.

Photo: LiveMedia / Elisa Calabrese

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