White zone for 4 other regions, when Lazio and Lombardy? Curfew at 24 from Monday, quarrel over discos

White zone for 4 other regions, when Lazio and Lombardy? Curfew at 24 from Monday, quarrel over discos
White zone for 4 other regions, when Lazio and Lombardy? Curfew at 24 from Monday, quarrel over discos

From next Monday, June 7, the curfew will be postponed to midnight. And two weeks later, from 21 June, it will be permanently abolished. These two stages are foreseen for the regions in the yellow zone. But beware: in the white zone the curfew is eliminated and new regions will enter this lower risk range on Monday. It is also expected that starting from 21 June all of Italy will be “white” with the temporary exception of Valle d’Aosta. To enter the white band, in fact, a region must register less than 50 cases of Covid per 100 thousand inhabitants for three consecutive weeks.

Umbria has been a white zone from Monday: what changes. The knot of vaccines for those who are maturity

Four regions in the white zone – Four other regions, therefore, will leave the yellow zone on Monday. Everywhere the country records data that could guarantee access in the lowest risk range and (given the three weeks necessary to confirm the positive data) is preparing for the gradual reopening in all territories. But while the restaurant problem seems to have been solved, the revolt of the managers of the discos is announced, still closed and without a date. On this the union of the ballrooms has launched a challenge to the government: “If by next 21 June, with the definitive elimination of the curfew, the government does not express itself also for our restart, we will decide to reopen indiscriminately from 1 July” . However, a few glimmers come from the Undersecretary for Health, Andrea Costa, who sets the goal of resuming the activity of discos next month. With the curfew at midnight from next Monday, restaurateurs are waiting for the signing of the order that will eliminate the limit on the number of diners in outdoor restaurants in the white zone and will set a maximum of six for customers who eat in the premises indoors. The agreement has already been reached and the signature of the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza could come shortly.

Discos, Undersecretary Costa: «They can open in July. We need a meeting with the government “

In the meantime, the countdown on reopening has started across the country. In these hours I am Abruzzo, Umbria, Liguria e Veneto to be promoted to the white zone, where they will officially enter from Monday (in fact, for the third consecutive week, less than 50 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants are registered). In addition to Friuli Venezia Giulia, Molise and Sardinia, which are already in this minimum risk area. A trend that confirms the positive forecasts of recent days. From 14 June it could instead touch Lombardy, Lazio, Piedmont, Puglia, Emilia-Romagna and the Province of Trento (which have already recorded excellent data from this week). Finally, Sicily, Marche, Tuscany, the Province of Bolzano, Calabria, Basilicata and Campania will have to wait until June 21st. The last to enter the white zone, again according to forecasts, will be the Aosta Valley: presumably on June 28th. In general, the Rt index drops to 0.68 with an incidence of 32 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants while on Friday there were 73 deaths from Covid in the previous 24 hours. There were 2,557 new infections, with a positivity rate of 1.1% and only 200 thousand people currently positive in Italy.

With the Italians heading towards normality, the only ones not to rejoice, at least for the moment, are therefore the managers of the discos. “I am available to make dozens of videos available to ministers and technicians where people already dance in bars or bathing establishments, while instead 30% of our activities have already closed permanently and another 30% are likely to be added now”, explains Maurizio Pasca, the president of Silb, asking “on what basis it is decided that in the square you can dance and in a club, with a limited number and in complete safety, it is not possible”. The Regions are also asking the government to address the issue in the coming days and the Undersecretary of Health, Andrea Costa, reassures: «Personally, I hope that a meeting with the government is scheduled for next week, we absolutely must work on it. They have to open them to be able to dance, there cannot be the limit of distance, but you have to find a method that considers capacity and tracking, perhaps allowing entry only with the green pass ».

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