Masks, when will we take them off outdoors? Hypothesis July (but the situation changes indoors)

Masks, when will we take them off outdoors? Hypothesis July (but the situation changes indoors)
Masks, when will we take them off outdoors? Hypothesis July (but the situation changes indoors)

In a recent survey, 78% of Spaniards revealed that they will keep wearing a mask – at least indoors and on public transport – even after the vaccination campaign has ended. The news is not surprising. In Asian countries that were affected by the Sars epidemic in 2012 it was not uncommon to see people wearing masks even before the arrival of Covid-19.

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And in Italy?

Despite the collapse of the infections, it is enough to take a bus, a train, or even simply walk the streets to notice that the vast majority of Italians continue to respect the provision to wear the mask even outdoors. Indoors, both in small shops and supermarkets, the obligation is 100% respected.

Today, Professor Franco Locatelli, president of the Superior Health Council, in an interview with Repubblica indicates an indicative date for the beginning of July when the obligation to wear an outdoor mask could fall.

Masks, what happens indoors – For the obligation to wear a mask indoors, where Covid-19 has an infectivity rate almost 20 times higher than outdoors, it will be difficult to talk about abolition until Covid-19 is reduced to the level of other flu Coronaviruses. And this also applies to vaccinated people because, as is well known, vaccines protect 100% from serious infections (effectively eliminating the risk of hospitalization) but do not completely immunize them from the risk of becoming infected.

“The mask, at a minimum, we will keep it until the end of 2021”, explained virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco in a television interview, underlining how “what you are doing has its usefulness” given that the curve in Italy is flattening .

More recently Sergio Abrignani, one of the CTS members, has instead explained how we will have to keep masks and distance even in the autumn since “there will be no return to normality if we give up the protections”.

Masks, so do the other countries – It is very important to observe what is happening in countries that are ahead of us on the vaccination front. In Great Britain, for example, where the obligation to wear a mask outdoors has fallen for a month, there is a slight rise in daily infections. Nothing to worry about, many Brits did not take the second dose, but that signal certainly requires caution. Even in view of autumn. For this it is necessary to be found at the autumn appointment having “done” both doses of the vaccines.

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