Died in the accident with the Ferrari: the braking on the asphalt in Fipili, then the crash

Pisa, 5 June 2021 – There is a slowdown on the asphalt: this is one of the elements to understand the dynamics of the accident happened on the night between Friday 4 and Saturday 5 June on the Fipili, between Cascina and Navacchio, in the province of Pisa. The victim is a descendant of a family of entrepreneurs. For Giulio Braghieri, 55 years old, living in Calcinaia, there was nothing to do.

The alarm of motorists

His car, a Ferrari F355, skidded and crashed into the guard rail. For the man there was no escape, despite every attempt to resuscitate the 118. Other motorists gave the alarm seeing the semi-destroyed Ferrari in the dark. They also arrived the fire brigade and the traffic police.

Long blocked fipili

Deep condolences for the death of man. The family has a company that works in the Piaggio related business. The incident happened just before midnight. The Fipili was blocked for a long time, with serious repercussions for traffic.

The hypotheses about the accident

All the hypotheses regarding the dynamics are open: a hit of sleep? Another medium did a risky maneuver? The traffic police try to reconstruct the tragedy. The man’s body was transferred to the Pisa Forensic Institute. The authorities are evaluating the possibility of an autopsy, but this will be known in the next few hours.

Commuter revolt: “Unsafe road”

“Here we miss a dead person a day, that’s enough”. The Facebook group “I Dannati della Fipili”, which gathers the commuters who travel the road every day, ask for greater safety for the road that serves thousands of Tuscans every day. “For sixty years no one does anything, just some mild maintenance work, “users say. The issue of security in Fipili therefore comes back overwhelmingly, for a chain of mourning that is impressive only in the last two years.

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