policeman attacked in Largo Passamonti

policeman attacked in Largo Passamonti
policeman attacked in Largo Passamonti

Controls by the police continue to combat gatherings and ensure compliance with anti-covid regulations. Numerous interventions by the police and carabinieri who on Friday night monitored and patrolled the areas of San Lorenzo, Parioli and Porta Maggiore.

After the recent episodes of ‘malamovida’ that occurred in San Lorenzo in recent days, such as the stabbing of a 23-year-old in via dello Scalo and the brawl between very young people in Piazza dell’Immacolata, the neighborhood continues to be ‘specially monitored’. Commissioner Mario Della Cioppa, during a recent press conference, underlined how “an analysis is underway for the remodeling of nightlife control devices. The phenomenon is evolving since there is a scenario of reopening in front of it” .

As part of the inter-force services, the staff of the Carabinieri proceeded to arrest a person for resistance and injury to a Public Official, while the agents of the San Lorenzo Commissioner, headed by Giuseppe Rubino, reported an Italian citizen for violation of an Urban Daspo. Furthermore, during the service the agents found 3 violations of the Highway Code, 10 citizens sanctioned for violating anti-covid regulations and controlled 3 commercial activities.

The attack on a policeman in Largo Passamonti

Having received a report of people gathering, the Carabinieri of the San Lorenzo Station intervened in Largo Passamonti where they noticed a heated quarrel between a woman and a young man. When they approached to calm the spirits, the boy (twenty-six years old from Rome with precedents) visibly agitated, he tried to escape but was reached.
To avoid identification, the young man resisted, hitting the face of a Carabiniere with his elbow and, once blocked, he bit and scratched him on the forearm. With the help of other patrols, the Carabinieri arrested the young man while all the others present moved away to avoid being identified and sanctioned and, some of them, even threw glass bottles at the military from a considerable distance. , without hitting anyone. The arrested was then accompanied to the barracks and detained pending the very direct rite.

In Parioli 11 violations for the administration of alcohol to minors

The agents of the II Parioli Salary District, directed by Angela Cannavale, assisted by the staff of the Lazio Crime Department, together with other crews of the local police stations, during the checks carried out, raised 11 violations for the administration of alcoholic substances to minors, of which two penalties for under sixteen. Therefore, the positions of the premises in Via Nizza that have violated the legislation on the administration of alcohol to minors are being examined. In fact, any measures to suspend the license may be adopted by the Questore. In Piazza di Porta Maggiore, on the other hand, the Carabinieri of the Rome Piazza Dante station sent a 35-year-old Somali woman to a state of freedom, surprised while he damaged the door of a parked car, then attempting to break the side window with a glass bottle. guide.

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