Europeans, no apps or site registrations: 20 thousand Italy-Turkey at the Olimpico with the paper certificate

Nothing app, none registration online. To enter the Olimpico for the competitions of Euro 2021 back to the ancient: paper certificate or at the digital limit on your own mobile phone, but still in the hand, to be shown at the entrance. Hoping that there are not too many queues and everything goes smoothly. In the end, the story of controls for the stadium closes in the one manner possible, at least at this point, less than a week after the inauguration and debut of the azzurri. After the case of the app Mitiga, the Football Association has decided to play it safe. As revealed by in recent days, in fact, the Privacy Guarantor opened an investigation on the treatment of the data of the fans by the Mitiga App, which was proposed as tool for big events in times of Covid. According to the provisions of the government, allo stage in fact they can only enter vaccinated, healed O pat, requirements that must be verified to guarantee access. A solution adopted by the Lega Calcio, on the occasion of the Italian Cup final Juventus-Atalanta last May 19: everything went smoothly at the stadium. But the problems started later, with the intervention ofAuthority, who first wrote asking for information, and then ordered the temporary block of the company’s data, pending completion of its investigation.

In view of the Europeans, in recent months the FederCalcio he was considering betting on “Mitiga” for regular the entrance flows to the stadium and avoiding checks to the turnstiles and any gatherings. But the track had already cooled down, and it finally faded after the case of the final of Cup Italy. They remained on the table alternative solutions, such as the registration on a website, but the Figs he preferred to avoid further misunderstandings, choosing the simplest solution. But inevitably a little more cumbersome at the entrance. THE 20 thousand lucky who will be able to attend the four Italian matches of the European Championship must present themselves at the stadium also in possession of the certificate, as well as the ticket, and the stewards will be called to check both (without obviously having any kind of competence to recognize the authenticity of the former, as happens in airports or elsewhere). The access requirements have been confirmed, with some small news. As for the vaccine, only vaccinations carried out in Italy, but just the first dose will suffice. As for the tampons (molecular or rapid, no later than 48 hours before the start of the match) the report must be in italiano or in English. To each ticket holder the Uefa assigned a delimited range of half an hour to introduce yourself and enter the stadium. Just in an attempt to avoid queues and gatherings. We are almost there: with difficulty, Euro 2021 is about to begin.

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