“Racism has nothing to do with it”: the red jackals silenced by Seid’s parents

“Racism has nothing to do with it”: the red jackals silenced by Seid’s parents
“Racism has nothing to do with it”: the red jackals silenced by Seid’s parents

The death of Seid Visin it is a delicate drama. A 20 year old boy who takes his own life can only leave his parents, his friends and all those who knew this young man who loved football breathless. Yet immediately after the news of his death a sneaky looting took place to exploit a letter written to his psychotherapist more than two years ago to probably bring water to the mill of the Ius Soli.

Red jackals

In fact, the news this morning was presented like this by various newspapers (including ours): the suicide would have resulted from some episodes of racism suffered by the boy. And so the exploitation started, especially on the left of what happened. A wild rush to use the drama of a family for political ends. “Forgive us, if you can”, Enrico Letta wrote on Facebook.

Then came Saviano’s post that speaks for itself: “Try to hold back the anger, the desire to break everything, to destroy this world of shit that we have created in recent years. And now go to the Facebook pages of the two greatest clowns of our politics, Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini, who make us ashamed to share citizenship with them. Yes, clowns: nothing they ramble on is true, none of their proposals is feasible, at least in a state of law“. To this we also add the words of Fratoianni of the Italian Left:” When a boy takes his own life, the imbecile jokes, the cynical posts of the politicians about the tourists on the rubber boats and the color of the skin show all their meanness. Be cursed! “.

“Racism has nothing to do with it”

In short, posts and comments that have little to do with the drama experienced by poor Seid and his family. The real reasons for this so cruel gesture know only the boy who decided to take his own life. But in the river of words of this day of pain, the words of a father and a mother who, while they are crying for their son, must clarify something important to prevent the death of the boy from becoming a political flag: “Seid’s extreme gesture does not derive from episodes of racism“. The parents” firmly exclude any correlation between the gesture and the racist trail “, and go so far as to speak of the” exploitation “of Seid’s words. Unfortunately, the extreme gesture would be linked to other reasons that parents certainly know better than various Saviano and Letta.

Salvini-Saviano clash

And the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, also spoke about what happened, saying: “A prayer for you, boy, and a big hug to your family. Italians have always been generous, hardworking, welcoming and supportive. Anyone who still distinguishes or despises a human being on the basis of skin color is an idiot. Point. Those who show respect deserve respect. PS To the Saviano-like jackals who try to make political controversy even over a tragedy like this, denied by Seid’s parents who let it be known that “his extreme gesture does not derive from episodes of racism“Perhaps in these cases, when a young life decides to end it, only one thing is necessary: ​​silence.

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