sued a man for harassment

sued a man for harassment
sued a man for harassment

With a special service order of the Police Commissioner, acknowledging the decisions taken in the Committee for Public Order and Safety, held in the Prefecture, anti-gathering services were set up by the Police, in Piazza Campo de ‘Fiori and piazza S. Caterina della Rota, where personnel from the State Police, the Guardia di Finanza and the Roma Capitale Local Police were employed.

The organized joint services are mainly aimed at stemming and containing the phenomenon of “bad” nightlife, and at paying attention to and sanctioning the sale of alcoholic beverages to minors. During the service 142 people were checked, including 46 minors. High 4 penalties for violations provided for by the anti-Covid 19 legislation and 2 for violations of the Highway Code.

The staff of the Administrative Police Division of the Police Headquarters, in the course of specific checks, sanctioned and ordered the closure of a neighborhood establishment in Piazza S. Giuseppe Pallotti, where it was found that the owner kept expired alimony and was not in compliance with the HCCP regulation.

The staff of the Roma Capitale Local Police monitored the use of the mask against 1020 passers-by and checked 63 shops.

During the tight inspection of the agents, a 32-year-old was caught filming the private parts of several girls with a camera. Field of flowers and, accompanied to the offices of the Trevi District, he was identified and reported.

The agents of the State Police of the same District, on the recommendation of some passers-by, intervened in Piazza del Biscione for a dispute. The sudden approach of a team from the Mobile Department then prevented two groups of young people from coming into contact with each other, dispersing them quickly.

The staff on duty, moreover, promptly dissolved a group of young people who, flowing from the attention squares, had attacked three other peers, for futile reasons, chasing them even inside a well-known local in the area. The timely intervention of the agents, however, put them on the run.

Administrative measures are being examined at the Police Headquarters to be adopted in respect of commercial establishments controlled during the services provided, which have already been imposed penalties for the administration of alcohol to minors.

Furthermore, the analysis of a possible application of the suspension of the license for a week is underway, with a provision of the Quaestor, pursuant to article 100 TULPS

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