actions, solidarity news and initiatives in the city from the world of the Third Sector – Mianews

actions, solidarity news and initiatives in the city from the world of the Third Sector – Mianews
actions, solidarity news and initiatives in the city from the world of the Third Sector – Mianews

On Mianews, a special weekly dedicated to communication and information on the third sector in Milan and Lombardy, created in collaboration with the agency ‘Le Acrobate – Ideas words for communication’. Among the topics, campaigns, meetings, projects and appointments of large and small associations, foundations, groups organized at the service of social promotion and solidarity to tell about one of the most important and dynamic sectors in the area.

The right words to talk about Parkinson’s

How to deal with the diagnosis of Parkinson’s and the psychological and relational changes that follow? What are the right words to talk about Parkinson’s? These questions are answered by the webinar on Thursday 10 June (5 pm) entitled “Family and social relationships: the importance of communication” which concludes the online and free training course “You are not alone” promoted by Confederation Parkinson Italy and Fresco Parkinson Institute (info and registration:
The meeting addresses the issue of communication within the family, as well as with friends and work colleagues, suggesting advice on the application of good communication practice: dosage of empathy, timing, use of technical language. Particular attention is given to the relationship with minor children. Sandro Spinsanti, professor of medical ethics at the Faculty of Medicine of the Catholic University of Rome and bioethics at the University of Florence, explains, who leads the meeting: “I propose to the participants a journey to retrace the stages of the disease and identify the useful tools for people with Parkinson’s to redefine themselves in the new condition and find their place among those who, family members but not only, are part of the constellation of people who accompany them on this journey. We then talk about the ‘good carers’ that can make the disease more manageable and about the ‘honest words’ that are the basis of good communication “.
The event is organized in collaboration with the Zoè Foundation.

GiroLibro: collection of used books for suburban children

There are 27 Feltrinelli Libraries in Lombardy that from 8 to 30 June host the first edition of GiroLibro: a collection of used books for children and young people aged 3 to 18 that will then be donated thanks to the Mission Bambini Foundation to a selection of schools suburbs with the aim of expanding the internal libraries.
In the year of the pandemic, many families found themselves in serious economic difficulty, struggling to find the resources to make it to the end of the month: the lack of basic necessities has often led to the neglect of aspects such as education and culture. GiroLibro wants to be a concrete step to renew the commitment of Librerie Feltrinelli and Mission Bambini to fight educational poverty and promote a more innovative and inclusive school.
113 Feltrinelli Libraries in over 70 Italian cities adhere to the initiative, inviting their registered customers to bring at least 3 used books for children and teenagers in good condition and receive in exchange a gift card worth 5 euros (valid for one month from the date of issue). The books are donated to preschools, elementary and middle schools selected by Mission Bambini; in Lombardy the recipients are 3 Comprehensive Institutes: Sandro Pertini of Milan, I Mille of Bergamo, Corso Cavour of Pavia.
The complete list of participating bookstores will be visible on the website.

“Ti Ribalto” Festival: art and disability beyond stereotypes

On the weekend of 11-13 June at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, Ti Ribalto is staged “: Festival of the Arts, now in its seventh edition, which involves more than 60 disabled actors and over 20 volunteers including professionals, actors, educators and volunteer citizens . Three days of theatrical performances and artistic and sports workshops, to be enjoyed in person or online, which kick off with the Round Table on the opening day of Friday 11 (at 2 pm) entitled “Towards a new inclusiveness: fragility and performing arts”, which tells about disability by ‘overturning’ stereotypes.
Approaching, knowing, meeting and including: this is the bet of “Ti Ribalto”, an event that tells how it is possible to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities through the use of different artistic expressions. Conceived and curated by the Small Academy of the Cascina Biblioteca social cooperative, the project involves people with physical or intellectual disabilities, and supports their right to independent life, integration and social cohesion. With this in mind, the Festival proposes itself as a point of reference and meeting point for all those realities and projects that promote the arts as an instrument of emancipation for the most fragile people. A fertile territory, in which autonomy and awareness can grow, contributing to the creation of an exciting cultural environment, which lays its foundations on the acceptance of mutual diversities.
Chaos and order, rules and freedom, equal and different, this is the common thread that binds the shows and that has allowed the various actors involved to experiment, work and get involved. As in the show “Damned Performance!” – on stage Friday 11 – in which actors of all abilities are transformed, interpreting and improvising the lives of 6 deadly sins in a contemporary key and in time of Covid: a captivity and a sinful limbo that excites, entertains and plays with the public in room. Or, again, in the course of “Self defense tests, between martial arts and bo” – scheduled for Saturday 12, organized by the Fight The Stroke Foundation – a martial arts and personal defense workshop for children and teenagers, in order to promote a motor and cognitive enhancement that is truly inclusive and within everyone’s reach.
Free admission with reservations required up to 30 seats in attendance for each event. Direct streaming on Cascina Biblioteca’s Facebook and Youtube social channels.

Difficulties and hopes of Milanese families in a documentary of the Tree of Life

Loss of jobs, houses too small to live in dignity, inability to buy food and basic necessities, to pay rent and bills. These are the stories of difficulties due to the economic and social crisis, exacerbated by the pandemic, that some parents tell in the documentary “Will everything go well? Voices of poverty during the pandemic ”created by the Fabrica communication research center for the L’Albero della Vita Onlus Foundation, presented on Saturday 12 June at the East Milan Arena (via Pitteri 58/60) at 8 pm.
The documentary tells the life of some families who live in the Milan area and that L’Albero della Vita supports with economic, material, educational and relational support within the project to combat poverty “Crossing the Threshold” (overall the Foundation actively follows 93 families in Milan for a total of 190 minors and 191 adults). In the stories of these parents and children, however, uncertainty for the present is also accompanied by dreams and hopes, by the desire to change one’s life conditions and have the possibility of building a better future.
The presentation of the documentary is preceded by a debate that sees the participation, together with the Director General of L’Albero della Vita, Isabella Catapano and representatives of Fabrica, of representatives of institutions such as Alessandra Locatelli (councilor for the Family, Social Solidarity, Disability and Equal Opportunities of the Lombardy Region) and Diana De Marchi (president of the Commission for Equal Opportunities and Civil Rights of the Municipality of Milan); and also the psychologist and psychotherapist Francesca Cenci (author of “Relations and family at the time of Covid”, e-book made available free of charge), the film critic Franco Dassisti (also curator of the Arena Milano Est film festival). At the end, a video contribution by the psychiatrist and sociologist Paolo Crepet will be screened.
Free participation with compulsory registration, subject to availability of places. An excerpt of the docufilm is available on the Youtube channel of L’Albero della Vita.

For info: [email protected]

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