Chioggia, a Cameroonian doctor from INPS attacked with racist insults during a tax visit: “Sign or I’ll break your head”

Chioggia, a Cameroonian doctor from INPS attacked with racist insults during a tax visit: “Sign or I’ll break your head”
Chioggia, a Cameroonian doctor from INPS attacked with racist insults during a tax visit: “Sign or I’ll break your head”

“That man pushed me, pressing his fingers to my chest. And in the meantime he screamed: ‘Shit nigga, from here you don’t go out alive. You sign that I was at home or I’ll break your head“. With these words, a tax doctor dell’Inps originally from Cameroon, a few days ago he said he was attacked by a worker of Chioggia, in the metropolitan city of Venice, of which he owed to verify the actual presence in the house. In fact, when the 30-year-old arrived at the man’s apartment, he didn’t find anyone. After waiting for him for a while, she saw him come back inside bicycle, with swimsuit and slippers, presumably warned by wife.

“Then – continues the INPS doctor – he closed the door so as to prevent me of exit the courtyard and he told me to write down that I had found him regularly at home. Otherwise, he said, he would have me cut off his head“. Always according to the man’s story, the scene took place under the eyes of the whole neighborhood, however, no one has moved to defend it. After managing to get away, the worker went to workdoctor’s pursuit, on a moped, breaking the handle of the car on which he was fleeing. The doctor immediately reported the episode to the carabinieri, then asking for the transfer of the place of work because frightened for any consequences that the episode might have. “I’m afraid for mine family – said the man – I can not work in these conditions. I can’t stand the idea of ​​my daughter growing up in a society where there are individuals who use the skin colour to insult “.

Following the incident, the wife of the young man Cameroonian she published a post on her Facebook profile: “It’s June 2nd – the woman begins – you are waiting with yours child for her dad to come home from work to eat a pizza. Instead you get a phone call in which he tells you in a choked voice that he called there police because they are chasing him in motion and they want him beat“.

“If you are a black tax doctor – denounces the woman – and you work in Chioggia, this is what happens to you. It doesn’t matter if you are the most good and correct person in the world, if you are yourself graduated in medicine in Padua, if you speak Italian better than a native speaker, if you always show up at work well dressed and with an identification tag, if you are always friendly and polite – he says -. In Chioggia you are a black by m… It’s too much for a man. It’s too much for a nice guy. It is too much for 21st century society. It is too much for me – says his wife – that I love him and I cannot continue to be afraid of not seeing the marvelous come home in the evening. father of my daughter. It is no longer ignorance, rudeness or stupidity – he concludes -. This is violence. Violence of the pack ”.

“This is not Chioggia – says the mayor of the Venetian city, Alessandro Ferro – and it’s not the society we want for our children. The municipal administration expresses the utmost solidarity with the tax doctor attacked in a neighborhood of our city during his work “. A violence that Ferro defines as “absurd, aggravated by racist phrases. The doctor did well to publicly report what happened to him And we, like him, must not tolerate regrettable episodes like these, where individuals use skin color to insult ”.

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