Bollini and the Under 20 team who beat Italy: “This is how we grow talents”

Bollini and the Under 20 team who beat Italy: “This is how we grow talents”
Bollini and the Under 20 team who beat Italy: “This is how we grow talents”

His Under 20 team defeated Mancini’s national team 1-0 in a friendly: “Cangiano scored, but there are many other young Italians of value: the coach knows and appreciates them.”

The blue gives him: as an Under 20 coach Alberto Bollini has just “folded” the national team in a friendly match. On 13 October, as coach (ad interim) of the Under 21 team, he had beaten Ireland in a real, very true match: three decisive points for the conquest of the European Championships. That of the morning in Coverciano was a training session for Mancini’s team, close to their debut against Turkey (Friday 11th in Rome), the day after the victory against the Czech Republic. Not for Bollini’s wild boys: behind the beautiful goal of Cangiano there is a growing group. And a coach who knows about young people like no other: over 560 matches as a coach in the Primavera (two league titles and a Coppa Italia at Lazio) and a long work of enhancement between Serie B, C and A as Reja’s deputy on the Lazio and Atalanta.

Beating Mancini’s national team is an event: did your boys celebrate?
“The climate was absolutely friendly and collaborative. But the federal showcase gives true reasons: it was an opportunity for discussion and growth, exactly what we have been missing in these months of pandemic”.

His Under 20 had won the right to participate in the World Cup in Indonesia scheduled for May and canceled for Covid. How are kids motivated to go further?
“With perseverance and professionalism. The message that Giorgio Chiellini wanted to convey to us today after the game, speaking to the boys. He is an example of certain values: ability, seriousness, management. Even in an empty period it was crucial to keep relationships alive. : Sometimes a message is enough for a boy to make him feel involved and involved. In this sense, Club Italia teaches: it is a big family. On the pitch they always help new, targeted training and a lot of study by the staff. ”

The facts don’t lie: the youth selections are the springboard for the national team. Who among those in your group is ready for the big leap?
“This meeting is made up of the boys of 2000, 2001 and 2002, who will then form the next Under 21. An example above all: Raspadori. Last October he was with me in the Under 21 B. Today he is ready for the European Championship of the great thanks to his qualities and performance, but also to the skill of those who believed in him. Mancini is wise, with young people he not only has courage but knows them thoroughly. A story like this can be a great stimulus for everyone else “.

And who will the others be?
“We follow everyone thanks to the work of technicians, staff, observers, coordinated by Maurizio Viscidi. The latest calls are an example. Piccoli and Calafiori were part of it, today there were Vignato (although unavailable) and Salcedo. There were players returning from the last B such as Cangiano or Papetti, and some Primavera players are also part of the group. The Italian club follows all those who show themselves off. Even if they have not made all the steps in the youth national teams, such as Carboni of Cagliari, who joined in Under 19. Tomorrow in a friendly match with San Marino, those who could not have space today will play: Cassandro, Gallo, Viviani, Colombo, Russo, Turati, Rinaldi. We want to see everyone at work. ”

Is Italy finally giving more space to young people even in clubs?
“The playing time has actually increased, especially in the post-pandemic months. There is still a difficulty in the jump between the youth sector and the first team: the boys pay the pressure. The Under 23 teams are a solution, especially young people must be given the opportunity to make mistakes without easy failures. The important thing is that they are placed in the right contexts, where they can exploit their enthusiasm. Riccardi was with us today even after a season on loan at Pescara with few appearances: for the qualities he has he can very well take back the scene as a protagonist “.

Your next goals?
“The smaller teams always work according to the first team. And the results are there. Today Mancini thanked us for their availability, in reality it is we who thank him and the staff”.

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Bollini team beat Italy grow talents

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