Tax doctor attacked in Chioggia, his wife on social media: “Chased and beaten, this is what happens if you are black”

05 June 2021 1:07 pm

The wife of the INPS doctor of Cameroonian origins tells with a long post on Facebook what happened to her husband: “It is no longer ignorance, rudeness or stupidity. This is violence”

“If you are a black tax doctor – reports the woman – and you work in Chioggia this is what happens to you”. In the message entrusted to the network, the woman does not hide her indignation. “It doesn’t matter if you are the most good and correct person in the world, if you graduated in medicine in Padua, if you speak Italian better than a native speaker, if you always show up at work well dressed and with an identification tag, if you are always friendly and polite – he maintains -. In Chioggia you are a black man of m … “.

A constant tension that the family considers no longer sustainable. “It is too much for a man. It’s too much for a nice guy. It is too much for 21st century society. It is too much for me – says his wife – that I love him and I cannot continue to be afraid of not seeing my daughter’s wonderful father come home in the evening. It is no longer ignorance, rudeness or stupidity – he concludes -. This is violence. Violence of the pack “.

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