the trail of blood led to the victim’s companion’s house – Libero Quotidiano

the trail of blood led to the victim’s companion’s house – Libero Quotidiano
the trail of blood led to the victim’s companion’s house – Libero Quotidiano

A macabre discovery shook Roma on June 5th. A body was found inside a suitcase in Piazza Federico Sacco in Pietralata. To find the body a passer-by who noticed, around 7 in the morning, a trolley dripping with blood next to some bins. Contact the police immediately, the agents found that the suitcase contained one human head and the body of a man. Even more particular that the trail of blood left on the asphalt led to an apartment inhabited by a woman, his partner.

So she was immediately taken to the Sant’Ippolito police station, where she declared that she got rid of the body because her partner had been dead in the house for days. The version provided by the woman, however, did not convince the investigators of the mobile team who stopped her for questioning. The man was called Luca De Maglie and he was 37 years old. He is a Roman convict and drug addict. His body had been bagged in black garbage bags and forcibly stuffed into the suitcase held shut with packing tape. The partner, a 39-year-old Roman also drug addict and with various precedents, allegedly told the police that she had disposed of the body of the man who died about a week ago. Apparently, last Monday, when she returned home, the 39-year-old would have found her partner lying on the ground lifeless. She would try to revive him by giving him a heart massage, but without success. She told the police that she did everything by herself, but she investigates to understand the presence of any accomplices and the exact dynamics of the facts.

A news that comes in the same hours in which the Flying Squad, Foreign Crime Section, had to deal with a 49-year-old Romanian who had decided to rebuild a life in the capital. Too bad, however, that the man had been hit by a European arrest warrant, issued by the Romanian authorities for the crimes of tax evasion and driving without a license. The 49-year-old had been sentenced to a prison sentence of 3 years and 5 months. This was the reason that led him to find a safe place in Italy. But the continuous checks put in place by the Foreign Crime Section, as part of the info-investigative activities aimed at monitoring crime in Eastern Europe, made it possible to acquire news in order and arrest the man once and for all.

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trail blood led victims companions house Libero Quotidiano

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