«Close to 70% of vaccinated citizens. Thus we go towards community immunity »- Corriere.it

«Close to 70% of vaccinated citizens. Thus we go towards community immunity »- Corriere.it
«Close to 70% of vaccinated citizens. Thus we go towards community immunity »- Corriere.it

Lombardy runs with vaccinations and approaches the one that the vice president Letizia Moratti who loves community immunity. «Yesterday they were over 103 thousand were administered in Lombardy – writes on Facebook -. We are fast approaching 70 percent of the vaccinated population (among the 6.5 million citizens who joined the campaign, ed). A percentage that would mean the achievement of community immunity ”. What is meant by this term? The situation in which enough people are vaccinated to slow down the circulation of the virus. As a consequence of this scenario, even those who cannot receive the injection for health reasons or do not develop a sufficient immune response can be protected. In reality, experts are still discussing what the threshold to touch to stop Covid-19 is. It is believed that at least 70 per cent of the entire population (and not just the one that joined the campaign, the share to which Moratti refers) should be vaccinated. Furthermore, according to some scientists, it is not the only way to stop the epidemic. It should also be taken into account that a vaccine is currently not available for children under the age of 12. If we look at the total number of Lombards to whom prophylaxis is addressed (approx 9 million people), 49 percent received at least one dose. A good result, but there is still a long way to go to reach the goal of community immunity.

«In the meantime, the adhesion of the band is still extraordinary 12-29 years which has passed the 582 thousand reservations»Adds Moratti. For the very young, the registration portal was opened on the evening of 2 June. Over half of the 20-29 year olds has already made an appointment or received the vaccine, while among 12-19 year olds the share is 37 per cent. As you age, the percentage of yes to the injection also increases. We go from 63 percent of 30-year-olds to 79 of the fifties until 100 percent of those over 90. The vaccination rate is also increasing. The average of the last week is 90 thousand injections per day. Thanks to the new arrivals of vaccines, the Region intends to give at least one dose to all citizens who want it by July 30th.

The Region works to immunize even those sections of the population that are difficult to reach. In particular, the service for i homeless it will be organized by the Ats together with the local associations that manage canteens and other structures. From Monday 7 June the first administrations to the homeless will start, in some dormitory locations in the city of Milan. The team will be organized by Areu in collaboration with military health and other doctors and nurses. As for the migrants, Lombardy is developing a feature that allows the booking of vaccination on the regional platform. To this end, the Lombard prefectures are transmitting to the Region the complete lists of foreign citizens awaiting the definition of the emergence procedures.

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