#EuRecap, the Brussels warning to Italy and the battle against tax avoidance. The week in and around Brussels

#EuRecap, the Brussels warning to Italy and the battle against tax avoidance. The week in and around Brussels
#EuRecap, the Brussels warning to Italy and the battle against tax avoidance. The week in and around Brussels

The Stability Pact remains suspended, while the Recovery Fund now seems to be at the starting blocks with the European Commission which has announced the issue of the first bonds that will be used to collect the resources to be passed on to the Member States. In the meantime, however, Brussels warns governments (and Italy) about the need to keep public debt and current spending at bay.

The post-Covid recovery

The EU ‘graces’ Italy, but warns: high debt and too much current spending, now reforms and investments
The suspension of the Stability Pact saves Draghi’s government from a procedure for the deficit / GDP ratio out of control and excessive macroeconomic imbalances. In 2021 only Malta does worse

The EU against the blocking of layoffs: discriminates against precarious workers
The Commission rejects the measure while Pd and Lega ask for its extension. According to Brussels technicians, the ban on firing “hinders the necessary adaptation of the workforce at company level”

Next Generation, the EU Commission starts issuing Eurobonds: target of 80 billion by the end of the year
Following ratification by the Member States of the Own Resources Agreement

The European Greens dismantle Draghi’s Recovery: “EU intervenes on Ecobonus and Ilva”
The group accuses our country and others of “greenwashing” and also of violating the environmental requirements required by Brussels. “Fossil sources continue to be financed”

Tax justice

Multinationals will be obliged to publish the profits obtained in individual EU countries
The organizations protecting tax justice are controversial, demanding that the obligation of transparency be extended to all global revenues. Large companies will have to publish the data starting in 2023

The EU tax on multinationals and banks as a Recovery fund: to Italy up to 15.7 billion
According to a study prepared by the newly created European Tax Observatory, a common minimum tax on the profits of large companies would bring up to 269.7 billion in fresh resources to the countries of the Union. Only in 2021

The European Tax Observatory is born: “New weapon against tax avoidance”
The consortium promoted by the EU Parliament and led by the economist Gabriel Zucman presented. The headquarters at the Paris School of Economics

The response to the pandemic

The request of EU experts: “Instead of vaccinating adolescents, we give doses to poor countries”
While half of the population in the Union received at least one dose, only one per cent of the injections administered worldwide were distributed in Africa

No quarantine only for vaccinated (and with double dose): the EU updates its Green pass
The Commission proposes common rules, but individual countries will choose who can cross borders without restrictions. From the ‘semi-vaccinated’ to the recovered, passing through the adult children: what to know to avoid surprises

Nurses exhausted by the pandemic, WHO is asking to hire six million more to help them
The World Health Organization denounced that “there is a lack of protection, equipment, training and a decent wage”, especially in developing countries

It is offensive to call the Covid variants “English” or “Indian”: now they will be Alpha and Delta
WHO wants the letters of the Greek alphabet to be used to name the various strains of the coronavirus: “They are less discriminatory and easy to use even for a non-scientific public”


By 3 July, goodbye to plastic plates and cups (also biodegradable). But Italy protests
In 2019, the EU, with the vote of our government, established that all those products for which more sustainable alternatives exist on the market must disappear from the EU market. One month after the ban came into force, however, Rome protests: “Absurd rules, at risk of the packaging industry”


Dissatisfied with the handling of the pandemic, Europeans want a stronger EU
Parliament’s latest poll shows support for the Union remains high, while more than half of respondents are concerned about the impact of the crisis on personal finances

From the EU states

Denmark helped the US spy on Merkel and other European politicians
The accusation contained in a confidential internal report made public by various media. Under control in Germany, in addition to the Chancellor’s phone, also that of the then Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and of the SPD candidate Peer Steinbrueck

In the Netherlands, therapies to ‘cure’ homosexuals, but they cannot be outlawed
In the Netherlands there are about 15 organizations that organize activities that have serious consequences on the psyche of those who suffer them, but it is difficult for the government to define a legal way to intervene against this phenomenon that occurs mainly in closed religious communities

The Finnish police investigate the expenses of the premier: 30 euros per day in breakfasts and cold meals
The socialist leader was also forced to deny rumors about the use of public money for her wedding. The ‘frugal’ Helsinki does not forgive: a year ago the resignation of a minister

Malta’s ‘Brusca’ to the EU: “Ministers behind murders and robberies, the State does not investigate due to conflict of interest”
The DeGiorgio brothers, in prison for the murder of journalist Dafne Caruana Galizia, accuse the Valletta government of covering up politicians involved in the woman’s death and other serious crimes, including the assault on a bank. The killers promise information in exchange for pardon

PREV Primary Pd, Lo Russo candidate for mayor of the center left. It was head to head with Tresso
NEXT doubles the rental cost of the former exhibition halls