Brunetta: “Decree strengthens the PA, it is a wave of modernity” | Executives may also be external

At a press conference, the Minister of Public Administration announced that for “the 24 thousand expected hires and tens of thousands that will be neededan innovative mechanism with international standards will be “set up”, providing for dedicated recruiting platforms. We will have a portal with all the curricula and through this portal they will be selected and then made available to the entities owning the projects, so that they can choose them, contract them and make them work with fixed-term contracts. “For the portal Brunetta spoke about a model Linkedin.

“Now the measure goes to parliament, probably to the Senate, with the commitment of the whole government as a unit to enhance the measure without assaults on diligence, that is, without variously creative amendments – continued Brunetta -, the whole the government will ensure that the provision remains what it is it was wanted by President Draghi, by the government, by the European Commission and if anything it improves in its nature as a functional decree for the realization of the NRP “.

The minister also announced it turn over release. “We have come from 12 years of blocking of turnover, the turnover will now resume at 110% and in some sectors even more, such as in health care”. Brunetta also made it clear that the decree does not create temporary workers. “They will be professionals who will work for the Italian State for a few years – he said -. We will create a professional bank that can then be used with appropriate competitions, once fully operational, in the public administration, after 2026. It is a challenge”.

Brunetta also announced another revolutionary measure in the organization of the public administration. “We have a PA with a management in plaster, with little horizontal and vertical mobility – he said -. We thought this was the great opportunity to put it in competition with the outside world”. “It was chosen to rto recruit high levels of management from the outside and that there was not only internal career progression. The good officials and managers who already exist in the PA have nothing to fear. We want the leadership to be strengthened in osmosis with the outside world. It will be an efficient market, not closed: merit must prevail. The remuneration must be up to the market “.


Brunetta Decree strengthens wave modernity Executives external

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