Municipality of Matera: competitions for graduates and graduates

Municipality of Matera: competitions for graduates and graduates
Municipality of Matera: competitions for graduates and graduates

The Municipality of Matera (Basilicata) has launched three competitions for graduates and graduates.

Hiring planned indefinitely and full in various professional roles.

It will be possible to apply for competitions until the day June 28, 2021. Here are the calls and all the useful information.


The Municipality of Matera has published three competitions for graduates and graduates for selection full-time and permanent of the following professional figures:

  • n.2 Administrative Services Assistants – Accountants – Cat. C1;
  • n.1 Accounting Services Specialist – Cat. D1;
  • n.1 Technical Services Specialist – IT – Cat. D1.

More information on the reserves is indicated in the announcements that we make available at the end of the article.


Candidates in possession of the requirements general summarized below:

  • Italian citizenship or citizenship of a European Union state or other categories provided for by the calls;
  • not be excluded from the active political electorate and enjoy civil and political rights;
  • absence of dismissal or dispensation or dismissal from employment in a Public Administration due to persistent insufficient performance;
  • have not been declared forfeited from state employment;
  • age not less than 18 years and not greater than that provided for by the regulations in force for retirement;
  • regular position with regard to compulsory military service (only for Italian male citizens born before 31.12.1985);
  • absence of criminal convictions that prevent, pursuant to the current provisions on the matter, the establishment of the employment relationship with Public Administrations;
  • physical fitness;
  • have not received criminal convictions, even with a non-res judicata;
  • driving license of category B with the indication of the dates on which they were obtained.


The possession of the following is also required specific requirements based on the position for which you are applying:

– Second level Higher Education Diploma obtained after passing a five-year course of study.

– old system degree diploma (DL) in: Administration Sciences, Political Sciences, Economics and Commerce or other qualifications indicated in the announcement.

– specialist degree (LS) belonging to the classes: 23 / S Informatics, 35 / S Engineering
computer science, 32 / S Electronic engineering or other qualifications indicated in the announcement.


The selective procedures will be carried out through the evaluation of qualifications and the overcoming of two exams – one written and one oral – dealing with the topics indicated in the individual calls.


To participate in the competitions for graduates and graduates of the Municipality of Matera, candidates must submit applications exclusively online on the following page by June 28, 2021.

Any other details on how to submit applications for admission are indicated in the announcements below.


Candidates in the competitions for graduates and graduates of the Municipality of Matera are invited to carefully read the calls, published in the GU n.42 of 28-05-2021:

– competition for administrative services assistants: NOTICE (Pdf 886 Kb);
– accounting services specialist competition: NOTICE (Pdf 858 Kb);
– technical services specialist competition: NOTICE (Pdf 926 Kb).

The subsequent communications regarding the exams or the rankings will be made known through the Municipality’s website in the section ‘Transparent Administration> Competition notices> Active competition notices (Notices and communications)’.

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