“I recognized the woman who was with her”

“I recognized the woman who was with her”
“I recognized the woman who was with her”

On October 18, 2004, just over a month after the death of Denise Pipitone from Mazara del Vallo, security guard Felice Grieco saw in Milan, in front of a bank, a girl “resembling Denise Pipitone in the company of a group of Roma” and called the police. Of that little girl, and of the people who were with her, nothing more was known. But 17 years later the man now claims to have recognized the woman who was in the company of the child and who he called little Danàs. Grieco’s testimony was broadcast during the last episode of “Quarto Grado”, the broadcast conducted by the journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi. Grieco explained that he went to the carabinieri to formalize the complaint because he is sure of what he saw.

The story of the security guard: “I recognized the woman who was with Danàs”

How is it possible that that woman came out 17 years later? The security guard said he received a few days ago “a report from a lady who wants to remain anonymous” who “sent me a link to an article”. “There were some photos – said Grieco – and among these people I recognized the woman from Milan, the one who accompanied little Danàs to Milan. It’s unmistakable, it’s part of my job to remember faces”. It would be a mugshot, a circumstance that should help law enforcement agencies identify the woman’s identity. But is it possible to recognize a person after so long? Grieco seems sure of what he says. “I immediately reported to those responsible and I formalized the recognition hoping to be able to trace the woman who appears in the video”. In short, there could be new developments in the case of Denise Pipitone even if, obviously, it is a report that has yet to be verified.

The case of Denise Pipitone and the girl shot in Milan

What happened that morning? “Unfortunately, I have been living for 17 years with the remorse of not having acted on impulse, even if I would have made a mistake. That day I didn’t feel like it”, Felice Grieco said in the past.

“That morning around 12 the bank manager invited me to remove a boy who was disturbing. As soon as I turned the corner I found myself in front of another girl who immediately caught my attention, she looked a lot like Denise Pipitone”. It was October 18, 2004: Denise Pipitone had disappeared from Mazara del Vallo, in the province of Trapani, just over a month earlier, on September 1.

“For me it was her. I called my wife first, immediately after the police – Grieco recalled – I asked to be able to intervene with an excuse, but I was told to wait for their intervention. I also made the famous video, I told myself that at least this way they had a face to recognize, to check. To hold back the group of Roma I asked the child if she would like to eat something, she replied: a pizza. The police arrived very late, that morning there was a murder at the Niguarda. The group with the child yes walked away. The child spoke perfectly Italian. ”

The case of the false ceiling in the former home of Anna Corona

The correspondent of “Quarto Grado” was also in the former home of Anna Corona, the ex-wife of Piero Pulizzi, Denise Pipitone’s natural father, and mother of Jessica, Denise’s half-sister who was on trial for the alleged kidnapping of the child but who was later acquitted in all degrees of trial. Together with the lawyer of the owners of the building, the correspondent sifted through the house and discovered a room in which there is a wooden ceiling with a variable height between 2.08 meters and 2.38 meters. At the land registry, the ceiling height appears to be over 4 meters. However, the false ceiling has no trap doors (it is not possible to access it even from the roof) and if hit with a stick it sounds empty. Another element that needs to be clarified.

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