Italy, Toloi: “Ours is a very strong group. We are ready to make a great European”

Italy, Toloi: “Ours is a very strong group. We are ready to make a great European”
Italy, Toloi: “Ours is a very strong group. We are ready to make a great European”

After today’s kick against the Under 20, the defender of the national team Rafael Toloi spoke at the press conference: “I think we are ready. Yesterday was an important test because we played against a quality team and we had a great game. In these days we have done well in training, just a little bit before the start of the European Championship. but I think we are ready for a great competition “.

In Atalanta you play outside in a three-man defense. In the national team, in a back four, do you prefer to play outside or central?
“I have held both positions and I feel good. I am available to help and I can play in both positions. I don’t see much difference. If we move the ball then we play three and it doesn’t change much. I could immediately learn what I am doing. the coach wants. “

How important is it to you to keep the ball?
“The coach always asks to stay tall and when you are tall it is easier to press the opponent. It is very important to play like this.”

Is there any license for outdoor shooting?
“Long shots are important. We have players with an important foot.”

How happy are you to be Italian in a national team that has a Brazilian mini-colony?
“Jorginho and Emerson are top level players who are doing well in Chelsea and have been with the national team for a long time. They helped me a lot during this period. I immediately felt comfortable because we have a fantastic group.”

Did Pessina also surprise you at Atalanta or did you imagine he would become an excellent player?
“I am happy for him. He is a boy who has grown a lot. After Verona he came to Atalanta and played a very high level championship and I am very happy because he is a boy who can still grow.”

What is the risk to avoid these days?
“The enthusiasm is normal because the team is doing well and playing well. Now we have practically entered the competition, we are doing well and we must continue to work as we are already doing and have peace of mind. We are experienced players, of great quality and we are prepared to make a good European. In these days we have to try to work with the same concentration to enter the competition and make a great European “.

In their last 12 matches Italy have conceded only one goal.
“I think the team is doing well and that makes a difference for everyone. The fact that we have only conceded one goal in 12 games means that we are doing well. We all know the quality of our defenders. The whole team helps us, defends together and when. he plays he does it together. This group is very close, they are very good guys. When I arrived I felt good in the group, it is a very strong group that has everything to achieve great results “.

Did it surprise you to be chosen to enter the 26 to participate in the European Championship? And do you think it’s a reward for the work done?
“Definitely yes. Coming here was thanks to the work at Atalanta in recent years. The team is doing well. I was called up two months ago and I was very happy. Then we had so many other great players that we could have been here today. The coach has I chose me and I am very happy. I tried to reach the maximum, for me it is very special to be here today. I just want to do well and help my teammates because we have a very prepared group. I am very happy to be part of it “.


Italy Toloi strong group ready great European

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