The mural that captures the smog in Milan

Photo of the Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo

In Milan, the mural that captures the smog and neutralizes the pollution created by the students.

The mural that captures the smog and neutralizes it is nao in via Beato Carino in Cinisello, near the “G. Morandi ”, and is capable of neutralizing the pollution produced by the circulation of 2,200 cars in a year.

Competition “Leave a mark: an anti-smog mural for your city” it had been launched by the Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo and by Engie. The aim was to raise awareness among students through their involvement in the creation of an environment and sustainability-themed design, all linked to their home city.

5 schools participated in the competition, for a total of 19 classes and 300 students. The result? Over 90 drawings, 9000 likes and 200 shares.

The 1E class of the Giuseppe Garibaldi comprehensive school – 1st Grade Marconi Secondary School, coordinated by Professor Ermelinda Iervolino, won the victory. The winning class received a prize for didactic activities worth € 1,500.

The words of the students, who accompanied the winning project, were: “Our journey begins in a“ city ”from which everyone would like to escape, a polluted city, full of waste, without attention to nature. The stork, a symbol of love and life, will help clean up our city of waste and pollution, teaching us the techniques of disposal and recycling, the use of alternative energy sources and respect for nature. “.

The winning design was designated by a quality jury, made up of representatives of the Municipality, the street artist who followed the boys in the creation of the work, environmental sustainability experts and representatives of Engie Italia.

The smog-capturing mural was made with a completely natural paint, Airlite, which uses sunlight to significantly reduce the presence of nitrogen oxides in the air and eliminate any trace of harmful bacteria. An air purifier that is activated by subjecting the surface to the action of a light source.

Mayor Ghilardi explains: “We are proud of this project which has been so successful among the students and among the citizens that many have voted for the participating drawings published on our Facebook page. The issue of sustainability is more topical than ever, even more so in this phase of recovery from the pandemic. Now let’s look ahead and we’re ready for the next step: hosting this anti-smog mural which will be a symbol of our city’s commitment to the environment. “.

Matthieu Bonvoisin, District Heating & Power Director of ENGIE Italia comments: “We asked the students to imagine the future of our cities with a design that represented their hopes, their aspirations. And the response was extraordinary. The works conceived not only represent the imagination of young people, but are an ingenious and innovative proposal to the problems of pollution and degradation that afflict our urban centers. The winning project imagines a machine capable of absorbing waste in order to produce clean air, represented as a rainbow. “.

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