We will return to dialogue, so Cancelleri launches the axis M5s-Forza Italia – Il Tempo

We will return to dialogue, so Cancelleri launches the axis M5s-Forza Italia – Il Tempo
We will return to dialogue, so Cancelleri launches the axis M5s-Forza Italia – Il Tempo

Giorgia Peretti

05 June 2021

The current political scenario is discussed in the studies of Coffee Break. Two parties at the center of the discussion of the episode on Saturday 5 June: Come on Italy e 5 Star Movement. The morning talk conducted by Andrea Pancani wonders about the evolution of two profoundly conflicting political factions but which currently coexist in the broad-based government led by Mario Draghi. Guests in connection Giancarlo Cancelleri of the M5s e Giorgio Mulè by Forza Italia.

After retracing the history of the two parties, underlining the internal crises of both, the pentastellato seems to suggest a Mulè a future axis. An axis that seems to ride the news of the moment about the new federation of the center-right between Silvio Berlusconi e Matteo Salvini. The conductor immediately pinches his guests for the moderate and calm tones used: “For the moment we are not fighting because we have a commitment to this government we must carry on vaccination, and what the country needs to restart from the pandemic. But soon we will be cats and dogs again ”, he jokes Mulè.

The pentastellato, after having launched the jab to his former colleagues on the bureaucratic impasse between Conte and Casaleggio which is tearing the M5s Mulè on the partnership between Lega and Fi: “We are waiting for Conte, I hope this diatribe with Rousseau will be resolved because it has become really cloying even after the pronouncement of the privacy guarantor, even staying there perched with the fort of the members seems to me really a waste of time. We will start again anyway, it will not be these wastes of time that will stop us maybe it will be an extra week or a month more but absolutely nothing changes, what is important is to arrive at an appointment with history for a movement that must truly represent a ‘ alternative. Mulè a little while ago he said we will go back to being cats and dogs I know Giorgio Mulè, thick and moderate person. I don’t see him very much going with the extremes of the right, I think that in that moderate wing he is a worthy representative, maybe we will get to dialogue with people like Mulè in the future and who knows this will be the completion of the revolution “, concludes Cancelleri.

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