Toloi and Italy’s football show: “Mancini asks us to stay tall”

Toloi and Italy’s football show: “Mancini asks us to stay tall”
Toloi and Italy’s football show: “Mancini asks us to stay tall”

The defender: “We are ready for the European Championship. And I must say thanks to Atalanta.” Today the cut of Sensi, then the change with Pessina

From our correspondent Fabio Licari

June 5th
– Florence

There is a bit of Atalanta in this Italy. Or viceversa. However, they are two examples of beautiful Italian football. Rafa Toloi, from Atalanta, explains: “Mancini asks to stay tall, to be ready to press.” In the friendly against the Under 20s he played once with the Azzurri and another with the boys, always as a right-wing central defender. With Gasp his role is different: to the right of the three-man defense. But he explains that basically it is the same thing: “When we have the ball Mancini makes us spin and therefore it doesn’t change much, we go to three”. With the Czech Republic, Italy was impressive: “We are ready, the test was of quality and we passed it. I was well received, I worked to learn the movements that Mancini is asking for and I must say thanks to Atalanta.”

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Rightly smiling Alberto Bollini, Under 20 coach, another example of a young blue who grows up (beyond the 1-0 at the greats yesterday): “I told the boys that never before has there been attention for young players since part of the National A… “. As if to say, be ready to seize opportunities. “Raspadori skipped a category. He was good. It’s a question of play, of behavior, of club.” An invitation to be good and good guys: Bollini has seen many in over thirty years of activity, the Under would do well to listen to him. Sorrow for the suicide of the young Seid Visin, former Milan youth team: he took his own life at 20 because he could no longer stand the racist offenses. Bollini: “Fortunately, such situations have never happened in my career”. But life, unfortunately, is not an Under.


Today and tomorrow rest for the Azzurri who find themselves in Coverciano for the start of the European adventure. Unfortunately, Sensi’s cut is expected this afternoon, whose injury will prevent him from participating in the final phase. Once the diagnosis has been communicated (and justified) to UEFA, the change with Pessina in the list of 26 will be allowed.

June 5 – 13:13



Toloi Italys football show Mancini asks stay tall

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