the INTENSE HOT will remain far from Italy in the next few days «3B Meteo

the INTENSE HOT will remain far from Italy in the next few days «3B Meteo
the INTENSE HOT will remain far from Italy in the next few days «3B Meteo

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Weather. Falling temperatures after the heat at the beginning of the weekend

THE FIRST THERMAL DROPS BEGIN. The peak of the heat was reached on Friday, when many locations from north to south recorded highs even higher than 30 ° C. Now the African anticyclone, responsible for this heat wave, begins to lose its enamel due to humid and unstable infiltrations from the west that will cause a gradual drop in temperatures, with values ​​that also during the new week will not show particular peaks. The thermal drop will start on Saturday from the Tyrrhenian regions, but it will be from Sunday that the decrease will become more marked and on Monday it will also involve the South. They will lose up to around 8 ° C between Saturday and Monday or Tuesday in areas such as Romagna and Puglia.

SUNDAY thermal drop in the Center-North with maximums of 26/28 ° C in the Po Valley and Adriatic power plants, peaks of 30 ° C in the Northwest, 23/26 ° C in the Center and on part of the South, still hot in the extreme South with peaks of 32/34 ° C on inland Puglia and eastern Sicily. Values ​​that will often remain lower in the maximums along the coasts, influenced by the sea temperature.

MONDAY temperatures also decreased in the South with peaks of 28/30 ° C on Materano, Tavoliere and Cosentino, 32 ° C only in the interior of Catania, 23/26 ° C in the Center-North except for a few higher points in the Northwest.

TUESDAY further thermal drop in the South but the values ​​will return to increase in the North where they will reach 27/29 ° C, with few variations in the central regions.

NEXT TREND. gradual but general rise in temperatures across Italy from Wednesday due to the reinforcement of the anticyclone over central-western Europe in the middle of the week, even if no particular temperature peaks are expected.

For more forecast details, consult the specific weather section in Italy.

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INTENSE HOT remain Italy days Meteo

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