Central Italy earthquake, all acquitted for the dead of Accumoli- Corriere.it

Central Italy earthquake, all acquitted for the dead of Accumoli- Corriere.it
Central Italy earthquake, all acquitted for the dead of Accumoli- Corriere.it

Four died on the night of the earthquake on 24 August 2016, Andrea Tuccio, his wife Graziella Torroni, both 34, and their children Stefano, aged 8. The bell tower collapsed on their roof and killed them. Seven were indicted for the responsibilities related to the fact that the tower had suffered various damage in previous earthquakes, the last in the one in L’Aquila in 2006 and, according to investigators, those deaths could have been avoided. Friday 4 the single judge of first instance, Riccardo Giovanni Porroinstead he acquitted everyone. I agree with the defense thesis: the fault of the earthquake. The comment of the family members was bitter: It’s a shame.

The engineer who had intervened to secure the bell tower after the L’Aquila earthquake, Matteo Buzzi, the then sole project manager, the architect Pier Luigi Cappelloni, were accused; the administrative static tester of the works to which the tower was subjected, the architect Mara Cerroni; the designers and construction managers, the engineer Alessandro Aniballi and the architect Angelo Angelucci; the surveyor Giuseppe Renzi and the engineer Matteo Buzzi, technician in charge of the works by the Diocese of Rieti. And the mayor, at the time, Stefano Petrucci because, after having made an eviction order for the risk of collapse, based on a report by Buzzi, the outcome of the safety works, had revoked it. For this reason the little family had returned to live in the house, unaware of the danger. Then, that night, the bell sail crashed violently on the roof of the adjacent municipal building breaking through the roof of the rectory first and then two floors of the house owned by the Municipality where the Tuccio family, tenants of that apartment, slept.

The reasons are awaited. Meanwhile, Andrea Tuccio’s brother, Andrea, expresses his discouragement: The Italian law says that my dead brother in itself I did not want revenge, but I am disappointed by the Italian justice. Today’s ruling attests that no criminal responsibility has been received, but maybe there will be compensation for civil reasons, the victims’ family lawyers said.

Bitter satisfaction also for the defenses. Petrucci’s lawyer, Mario Cicchetti, is keen to express thein close proximity to the family, who suffered such great pain. We were anxious to demonstrate the mayor’s extraneousness to the accusations that had been leveled against him. And the Court, with a balanced decision, derived from a long and equally balanced investigation, recognized this.

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Central Italy earthquake acquitted dead Accumoli Corriereit

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