Europeans, Mourinho applauds Italy: “But the favorite is France”

Europeans, Mourinho applauds Italy: “But the favorite is France”
Europeans, Mourinho applauds Italy: “But the favorite is France”

“Experience and desire to win, plus Mancini’s great work”: this is why the Special One sees the Azzurri as protagonists. “Also keep an eye on Lukaku’s Belgium. But if you have Mbappé, you can’t help but think of winning”

A month and a day after the official announcement of his arrival at Roma, José Mourinho returns to speak to the Sun and the Times. And he does so by focusing on the Europeans, and of course on the Roma players he will see more carefully, and on the type of football he likes: “Physicality is the key to success, but balance is fundamental in every team.”

Mou says that he will see the final “from Rome, I’ll be there to work” and on Italy he says: “Obviously I will focus more on the players of my Rome: Leonardo Spinazzola, Lorenzo Pellegrini and Bryan Cristante. But Italy is a team with a good mix of talented young players and more experienced players. Players who know how to win. Italy is strong. Roberto Mancini is a highly experienced coach: he has spent 20 years coaching in the top leagues of the best countries. The team has improved. far below him, they are able to play in different ways. Roberto is giving them a little more offensive quality, but they have not lost their nature and they know how to compete. I think this is their best quality as a team. difficult to find weak points, I see them in the top four “.

Physical and quality

Words, those of Mourinho, which immediately bounced between sites and radio in Rome because the fans can’t wait to see him arrive, speak and coach. You just need a little more patience because the Portuguese will be busy commenting on the European Championships for a while: “I always think about the physicality of a team. You need a certain balance. You can’t be a great team if you don’t have that physicality. Quality. it has nothing to do with age and experience – he explains in reference to England -. Age can be a contradiction. Sometimes you have players in their 30s who are really naive on the pitch and sometimes you have these guys from 18, 19 who are very intelligent and play as if they have adult maturity. See what Mount and Foden are doing. When you are ready to play a Champions League final, you are ready to play any game on this planet.

Still on the English Mou says something that could also be valid for his Roma: “In Steve Holland Southgate he found a great assistant, which is fundamental in modern football: we cannot be alone in what we do, we must be surrounded by good guys. collaborators”. Finally, a few words about Belgium and France: “Belgium has Lukaku who has had an incredible growth path in two years with Inter. For them it could be ‘now or never’. France has no weaknesses, if they don’t win it will be a disappointment. When you have Mbappé you can’t help but think about winning … “.

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Europeans Mourinho applauds Italy favorite France

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