trucks on fire in the Volusia tunnel

trucks on fire in the Volusia tunnel
trucks on fire in the Volusia tunnel

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05 June 2021 11:05

Frightening evening on the ring road that of Friday evening. Shortly after 11pm a heavy vehicle caught fire inside the Volusia tunnel, near the Cassia exit. The firefighters, the police and Anas personnel intervened on the spot for the extinguishing operations and the management of the roads.

Moments of fear for motorists passing through the stretch of road at that moment, blocked in the tunnel entrance by the warning of a fire. “I was in the section affected by the fire at 11.15 pm”, Martina Procaccini, journalist of Dimensione Suono Roma, told RomaToday, “when we distinctly heard four explosions. The smoke came out of the tunnel and there were moments of panic”.

Once the tunnel was closed, motorists were in fact stuck in the affected section for almost 2 hours. “There was a lot of confusion”, Martina Procaccini continues, “with many of us calling and a rebound of responsibility between the single number for emergencies and 1518. In the end there was a sort of do-it-yourself to get us away. you, with reversing maneuvers that are not at all easy, conducted between the smoke that came out and the sound of the truck tires exploding “.

The situation was resolved by the support of the Anas staff and the road who escorted the motorists blocked from the tunnel to the entrance to the Cassia bis in the wrong direction.

Anas informs that “at 6:50 this morning the circulation was restored. During the night the Anas technicians also carried out the technical checks on the structures and technological systems involved in the fire in order to allow the reopening in safety as soon as possible. possible time. In the next few days, restoration interventions will be necessary, currently being evaluated “.


trucks fire Volusia tunnel

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