Vaccines and beer in Messina-

Vaccines and beer in Messina-
Vaccines and beer in Messina-

The Covid emergency commissioner of Messina has decided to offer a discounted craft beer to the kids who show up at the center for vaccinations. In an attempt to give an international breath to the initiative, he cited the precedent of Tel Aviv. Ohib. In Israel, and also in the United States, there are reports of nurses who went to vaccinate people in breweries. It was the vaccine to enter the pubs, not the patrons to wander around the hubs. The commissioner must have confused the consonants, a recurring vice in the week of Carlo Azelio.

Sure, l’immunit of herd is well worth a beer. But one thing to go and flush out the boys in the places they usually frequent, another create one for them shop of alcoholic beverages in a medical facility, in the hope that they will go there and become enough you shine to queue for the vaccine. The sense completely overturned and leads to old-fashioned questions. Because, in a public place devoted to a mission of general interest, yes sells the beer of a certain brand and not of others? And why alcohol is chosen precisely as incentive to vaccination in a country where l’etilismo a widespread plague of youth, even if removed from politics in the name of the god of commerce? High calorie morality: perhaps it would have been better to replace the beer con i cannoli, especially since the Messina ricotta has recognized thaumaturgical properties.

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