“Yes to the vaccine for foreign tourists and super bonuses for hotels” – Corriere.it

“Yes to the vaccine for foreign tourists and super bonuses for hotels” – Corriere.it
“Yes to the vaccine for foreign tourists and super bonuses for hotels” – Corriere.it

Foreign tourists could get the second dose of vaccine in Italy. A possibility to encourage European vacationers to spend the summer in the Bel Paese (but also for Italian tourists who move to holiday resorts for a long period of time) to which he said he was “favorable”, but “with common sense », Also the Minister for Tourism, Massimo Garavaglia, during his speech at the Trento Festival of Economics. “The Regions, some more or less, have reached an important coverage”, explained the minister, “and this summer we will have some margins to deal with these exceptions. Of course if it became a rule it would be chaos ». The key, in fact, is “the common sense with which to open up to this opportunity, with the Regions that know how to organize themselves very well”. Because, explained Garavaglia, “if someone else offers this service, and you don’t, it means that you have a lower quality service”.

He Green pass

But for the holidays in Italy (especially for foreigners) a lot will also depend on the European green pass, now subject to “a continuous study and refinement”, but which according to the minister is now well advanced (“it’s a matter of weeks”). With “common rules and simplicity” to allow operators and tourists to know how to get around. And while France announces: “If they are vaccinated they all come to us”, Garavaglia also proposes the same solution: “Yesterday I called Speranza and I told him that we must do it too”, clarified the minister, and if “Greece does the tourists arrive with the buffer that lasts 72 hours, while we only 48, we too have to extend it to 72 hours, otherwise we will be in difficulty ».

3 billion for redevelopment of hotel facilities

Another theme is also at heart in Garavaglia. “I particularly care about the issue of 110% efficiency of hotel facilities”, explained the minister, for which “we have put one billion and 800 million” in the Recovery Plan, which will become 3 billion “with the leverage effect and decontribution for the redundancy fund “. For Garavaglia, “regardless of the national budget choices, we do it, because we need to improve the accommodation facilities, but not only the hotels, even the b & bs and farm holidays”. Through bridging operations, such as the one carried out for the closure of the mountain sector, the government created a Fund of 700 million, then passed to 800, but “we must get out of state intervention”, continues Garavaglia, “and help companies to bill. Because the real goal is to get businesses to invoice again as soon as possible, because the citizens make up the GDP ».

Tourism, “the aim is to recover a third of the 27 billion lost”

The reopening will also have an important impact on the tourism sector. Thanks to the lengthening of the season and the vaccination campaign, summer 2021 could make it possible to recover “at least one third” of the 27 billion lost by the sector due to the pandemic. The forecasts on GDP growth of 0.6-0.7 points, explained Minister Garavaglia, are positive, and “having removed a series of rules, such as the quarantine from some countries, also allows the flow foreign and therefore we recover a share of those 27 billion that we lost last year. And then we have 10% more Italians », he added. “The flows can be better distributed, it is no coincidence that in some places the season extends until November, but this should be the norm. Extending the tourist season and organizing it thanks to digital technology makes it possible to manage flows and regulate them in a more organized way », added Garavaglia. The minister also spoke of the integrated ticket: “When you go to a well-organized country, they sell you a package with several sites to visit and this allows for a better distribution of flows and allows you to democratically avoid gatherings and masses at the monuments.”


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